Coronavirus in the world as of Monday March 1, 2021: latest case and death tolls in 24h per country

Published by Julie M. · Published on 1 March 2021 at 09h40 · Updated on 2 March 2021 at 08h56
The whole world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis almost a year now. Over 115 million coronavirus cases have been reported and over 2.5 million people have died of Covid-19 worldwide. Discover the toll in countries and the evolution around the world as of Monday March 1, 2021. Finland activates state of lockdown to strengthen restrictions. The UK variant is now dominant in France. The USA have inoculated over 50 million doses vaccine in only 37 days, and allows a 3rd vaccine. Portugal is to send one million doses vaccine to former colonies. Germany lists Moselle as maximum risk area. WHO confirms a clear decrease in the world's new case toll. Vaccine will not be enough to prevent a hospitalization peak in March in France. The UK is progressively exiting lockdown from March 8. In Argentina, schools reopen after being closed for 11 months. Over 20 million Britons have been given the first Covid vaccine shot.


As of Monday March 1, 2021Covid-19 infected 115,005,241 people (+307,653). So far, 2,558,049 (+13,845) people have died worldwide. We now use data from The Coronavirus App, recommended by the French Health Minister and that shares the official data from the different Health ministers. According to WHO, there will be no herd immunity in 2021 even though vaccines are available.


  • In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic, about 3,760,671 cases have been reported including 4,703 the past 24h. As of Monday March 1, 375 deaths in 24 hours have been reported. The death toll in nursing homes reaches 24,880 deaths61,947 people have died in hospitals (+375 in 24h) leading to a global total of 86,803 deaths. In France, 2,967,937 people have been given the first dose of vaccine in France

  • In Argentina, 2,107,365 coronavirus cases including 3,168 over the past 24h have been reported along with 51,965 deaths (+19). To date, 694,470 people have been given the first shot in the country. In Argentina, schools reopen after being closed for 11 months.

Data as of March 1, 2021:

  • Spain reports a total of 3,204,531 cases and 15,978 new cases over the weekend. As of Monday March 1, the country reports 1,467 deaths since Friday, leading to a total of 69,609 deaths. 1,261,848 people have been given the two doses of vaccine.

  • Portugal is back into lockdown since Friday January 15, 2021 for the second time and for at least a month. All non-food stores must close. This Monday March 1, 2021, the country reports 34 deaths in 24h, leading to a total of 16,351 deaths since the pandemic broke out; and 394 new cases in 24h, totaling 804,956 confirmed cases. So far, 574,062 people have been vaccinated. Portugal will send 1 million vaccine doses to its former colonies in Africa.

  • Italy reports this Monday March 1, 2021, 13,106 new infections have been reported in 24 hours, and 246 deaths in 24 hours. It now reaches 97,945 since the beginning of the epidemic. And 2,938,371 cases have been confirmed so far. Bars, restaurants and museums are reopening in some Italian regions. 2,831,676 people have been given the first injection of vaccine. 

  • Greece records 1,170 new cases in 24h leading to 192,270 cases since the pandemic broke out. The country totals 6,534 deaths including 30 over the past 24h hours572,174 people have been given the first dose of vaccine.

  • Morocco reports this Monday March 1, 112 new contaminations in 24h, a total of 483,766 cases. The country also reports 8,637 deaths, +14 in 24h. Morocco's massive vacination campaign is starting at full speed with 3?568,670 people have been vaccinated already. Curfew is extended up to March 2, 2021 that is to say for two more weeks.

  • In Switzerland, as the number of cases skyrockets and reaches 2,560 new cases over the weekend for a total of 557,492 cases.The country reports 9,977 deaths including 11 since Friday. Switzerland is closing stores, restaurants and other places of life from 6 p.m. and on Sunday from December 12 to January 22, 2020. Despite the very aggressive second wave, authorities refuse to implement lockdown. 527,979 people have been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. 

  • Russia, as of Monday March 1, 2021, reports 11,571 new cases leading to a total of 4,257,650 cases and 86,455 deaths (+333). Russia has launched the mass-vaccination campaign, and 2,200,000 people have been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. 

  • Austria reports 1,409 new cases leading to a total of 460,849 cases and 13 deaths in 24h for a total of 8,574 deaths as of Monday March 1, 2021339,470 people have been given the first shot of vaccine. Austria makes FFP2 masks compulsory in stores and public transit. Austria requires people to present PCR- from less than 48h to go to the hair salon. Austrian schools can reopen since this past Monday but all students and teachers must take a test every week.

  • The United Kingdom reports 5,455 new cases in 24h with a total of 4,182,009 cases since the epidemic broke out. This Monday March 1, 2021100 deaths were reported in 24h, leading to a total of 122,953 deaths have been reported. 19,682,048 people have been given the first dose of vaccine so far. The epidemic slows down in the UK but not quick enough. England instates charged quarantine in hotels for UK residents and Irish citizens coming from one of the 33 red-listed countries.

  • In Japan, Covid keeps on spreading with 1,033 new cases in 24h, naming the highest toll in 24h in the country since the pandemic broke out. 432,773 cases have been reported, and 7,887 (+27 in 24h) deaths reported as of Monday March 1. Japan approves a first vaccine: the one developed by Pfizer/BioNTech. 28,530 people have been vaccinated.

  • Denmark reports 497 new cases in 24h leading to a total of 211,692 cases. The country has totalled 2,365 deaths including over the past 24h. Denmark chooses to allow intervals between the two doses of the vaccine in order to vaccinate as many people as possible. 412,358 people have been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Denmark is about to launch a "coronapas" a digital pass to travel, go to the restaurant or a cultural venue. Hundreds of opponents have protested this Saturday in the streets of Copenhagen against restrictions and especially the curfew instated.

  • Israel records 778,172 cases since the epidemic broke out, including 2,365 over the past 24h and 5,758 deaths (+26). So far, 4,685,527 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine. Israel stops flights from and to the country to limit the spread of variants. Israel extends its vaccine campaign to youth aged 16 to 18. Faced with variants, the country closes its air and land borders. 

  • In the United-States, the new daily case toll keeps on decreasing in the 50 States. Today, 51,910 infections have been reported in 24 hours. As of Monday March 1, 2021, the country reports 29,259,059 cases. The country reports 1,183 deaths in 24h, taking it up to a total of 525,969 deaths. The country reports half a million deaths since the pandemic broke out. Joe Biden demands flags to be flown at half-mast. 51,792,942 people have been given the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Joe Biden expects the country to reach herd immunity by the summer 2021. Mask becomes compulsory in transports. The border between the USA and Canada will remain shut until March 21.

  • The number of new cases increases in China as the country reports 19 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours. As of Monday March 1, 2021, China reports 89,912 cases and 4,636 deaths (+0)40,520,000 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine in the country. Beijing approves a second vaccine made in China.

  • In India, the new case curve keeps on regularly decreasing. This Monday March 1, India records 11,122,306 cases (+10,632 in 24 hours), and 157,254 deaths including 60 in 24 hours. India is about to produce 100 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and emergency allows the new AstraZeneca vaccine. India launches a mass vaccine campaign and vaccinates 11,788,669 people in 24 hours.

  • In  Germany, the new case toll skyrockets: 3,180 new infections in 24 hours. As of Monday March 1, the country reports 2,453,943 cases, along with 70,871 (+92) deaths. Initially said to be on from November 2 to 30, the closure bars, restaurants, cultural and sport venues continues and is once again extended to March 7, 2021 and likely up to April 2021. So far, 3,881,490 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine

  • Belgium reports - as of Monday March 1, 2021 - 2,097 new cases have been reported in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 771,511 cases. There have been 25 deaths in 24 hours, taking it to a total of 22,077 deaths. Belgium bans any non-necessary trips abroad, including within Europe in February. 484,601 people have been injected the first dose of vaccine.

  • South Korea, as of Monday March 1, reports 355 new infections90,031 cases in total, and 1,605 deaths (+8 in 24h) have been reported. Faced with the 3rd wave - even more destructive than the previous two - the country reinforces social-distancing restrictions. In the capital, Seoul, the ban of gatherings of over 4 people is extended. The domestic vaccine campaign is set to begin in February. 20,322 people have been given the first dose of vaccine.

Data as of February 28, 2021:

  • The epidemic is active in Africa and keeps on spreading. In South Africa as of Sunday February 28, the country reports 1,513,393 (+1,168) and 49,993 deaths (+51). Young South-African students head back to school. South Africa will make their AstraZeneca vaccine doses available to the African Union. 67,303 people have been given the first dose of vaccine.
  • In Mexico, the epidemic keeps on spreading with 750 deaths reported in 24. The country currently counts 2,293,060 infections and 197,419 deaths in total. Mexico has exceeded Spain, France, Italy and the UK in terms of fatality. This is the fourth worst-hit country in terms of fatality behind Brazil and the United-States. 1,818,034 people have been given the first dose of vaccine. 

  • Poland currently reports 1,706,986 (+9,897) contamination cases and 43,769 Covid-19 deaths (+274). Poland has announced a new series of restrictions against the novel coronavirus. From December 28, 2020 the country is back into partial lockdown including the closure of movie theaters and most stores in shopping malls, as well as remote teaching. 2,101,754 people have been given the first dose of vaccine.

  • Algeria reports 113,092 cases in total including 132 the past 24h and 2,983 (+4) deaths since the pandemic broke out. The country started its vaccination campaign in Blida with Russian Sputnik V vaccine. 75,000 people have been given the first dose.

  • Lebanon instates total lockdown starting Thursday January 14, 2021. Any outing is banned, Lebanese are not even allowed to go grocery shopping. The country totals 375,050 cases since the pandemic broke out, including 2,258 in 24h and 4,692 (+40) deaths because of coronavirus. 26,376 people have been given the first dose of vaccine.
  • In the Netherlands, the epidemic escalates with 4,699 new cases in 24h leading to a total of 1,088,690 cases. The country reports 15,563 deaths including 20 these past 24h. The country instates curfew from 9 p.m. starting this Saturday January 23, 2021 and at least until February 9. 634,595 people have been given the first dose of coronavirus vaccine. Evening rather quiet in the Netherlands after 3 days of riots against curfew.

  • Luxembourg has announced partial lockdown starting Thursday including closure of bars and restaurants. This Sunday February 28, 2021, the country reports 118 new cases in 24h, totalling 55,435 cases and 638 deaths (+1 in 24h) since the pandemic broke out. 26,089 people have been injected the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Brazil reports an-always high new infection toll with 32,591 cases in 24 hours. It reports this Sunday February 28, 2021, 688 deaths in 24 hours. The country reports 10,552,367 cases in totaland 255,017 deaths according to data given by the government. 6,437,836 people have been given the first shot of Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Canada reports 5,031 new cases in 866,490 naming a new record since the pandemic broke out, and 21,994 deaths including 79 in 24h. 1,778,405 people have been inoculated the first dose of vaccine. The border with the USA is closed until March 21.

Data as of February 26, 2021:

  • Sweden, as of Friday February 26, 2021, 657,309 (+4,844 in 24h), and 12,826 (+28 in 24h have been reported. Bars and restaurants must close at 10:30 p.m. from November 10 to February 28, at least. This Friday January 8, Sweden passed a law leading to new temporary powers for the government to fight against the coronavirus epidemic, including the possibility to close restaurants and stores for the first time. 437,699 people have been given the first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

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