Coronavirus: update on the situation in the world, 919 deaths in the U.S., and 1349 in Brazil in 24h

Published by My B. · Published on 4 June 2020 at 08h55 · Updated on 4 June 2020 at 12h27
The whole world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis for weeks. Discover updates on countries the most impacted by the coronavirus epidemic this Thursday June 4, 2020. Over 6,5 million cases have been reported and about 390,000 people have died of Covid-19 worldwide. Latin America is the new epicenter of the pandemic, the death toll remains alarming in the U.S. Europe is gradually exiting containment, Italy reopens its borders.

In the world, as of Thursday June 4, 2020Covid-19 infected 6,511,713 people. So far, 386,073 people have died worldwide. As many European countries have started exiting containment, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control warns Europe should brace itself for a second Coronavirus wave.

  • The United-States toll keeps on growing. As of Thursday June 4, 1,851,173 cases have been reported. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, the country reports 919 deaths in 24h (1,081 yesterday), taking it up to a total close to 107,175 deaths. Even though the pandemic is slowing down in the country since it peaked back to mid-April, Health professionals are worried with the demonstrations against police violence and racism, a recurrence within the next weeks is to come.
  • Brazil unveils a catastrophic toll. It is considered as the new epicenter of the pandemic, according to WHO. It reports this Thursday June 4 an increasing daily toll, 1,349 deaths in 24 hours. The country counts 584,016 cases and 32,548 deaths. Yet, data could be widely underestimated. Overwhelmed, authorities struggle testing the living and the dead. Some deaths due to covid-19 are reported with a twenty-day delay. According to estimations shared by the press, the number of people really infected could be twelve to fifteen times heavier than reported by authorities. Despite this worrying situation, Bolsonaro keeps on calling the population to go back to work to relaunch the economy. The country expects a record-breaking recession in 2020.

  • In Mexico, the number of deaths to coronavirus has doubled up in 24 hours with 1,092 deaths reported against 470 the day before. The country currently counts 101,238 cases and 11,729 deaths in total. This is the country the most badly hit after Brazil.
  • In Russia, the number of deaths keeps on increasing. Authorities now report 441,108 cases and 5,384 deaths including 169 deaths these past 24 hours. The real size of the pandemic is late to come. Russian statistics do not giver information as of the real course of things, but on the needs to meet at some point, an article from Russian magazine The New Times says. Moscow has started exiting containment despite countless new cases every day.
  • China reports 300 new asymptomatic cases out of the 10 million people tested. Yet, China does not include them in the statistics of sick people self-isolated. As of today, the country reports a total of 83,022 cases confirmed and 4,634 deaths. This Thursday, China has announced international flights will resume but in a very limited way next week. All companies will be able to provide one flight a week. Passengers will have to be tested when entering the Chinese country.
  • In Italy, the toll decreases again. As of Wednesday June 3 have been reported 71 new deaths in 24 hours, (55 the day before) taking the number of deaths to 33,601 since the beginning of the epidemic. As of today, 233,836 cases have been confirmed so far.  Italy reopens its borders on June 3rd and cancels mandatory quarantine to EU foreigners. "On May 25th, we've planned to reopen gyms, swimming pools, sport centers, respecting health protocols" Italian Prime Minister says. "Starting from June 15, theaters and movie theaters will reopen and our children will enjoy several entertainment offers". Italy might count 19,000 more deaths than the official numbers, the Transalpin Social Security says.
  • In the United Kingdom the government reports 279,856 cases and 39,728 deaths. As of today, 359 deaths in 24h (324 yesterday). A two-week quarantine is imposed to travelers coming from France. France has announced a measure of reciprocity if it was to happen. The UK keeps on exiting containment and reopens school this Monday. Gatherings of 6 people are now allowed and the most fragile people, forced to self-isolate, can go out again cautiously. Some stores and markets can reopen. The British government considers setting up airlift with some countries mildly infected to avoid quarantine.

  • In Spain, as of Wednesday June 3,  the country reports 1 death and 63 these past 7 days. The death toll reaches 27,128 deaths. The country now includes over 240,326 cases reported. Spain has decided to reopen its borders to tourists in early July. The country keeps on exiting containment and reopens stores more widely, enabling 70% of the population to go to the restaurant or swimming pools. Soccer club and championships can start training again. Competition will resume on June 11.

  • In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic 151,677 cases confirmed and 29,021 people have died. 81 deaths in 24 hours have been reported (18,671 in hospitals and 10,350 in nursing homes). 

  • Belgium is one of the countries running the most tests in the world. As of Thursday June 4, the country reports 82 new contamination cases, taking it to a total of 58,767 cases. The Health Authorities have reported 9,548 deaths (+28 in 24 hours). Belgium has reopened its borders without asking its neighborhing countries.
  • In Germany, the toll is decreasing. As of Thursday June 4, 184,121 cases have been reported along with 8,610 deaths (+47). German government has decided this Wednesday to lift, from June 15th, its warnings as for tourism travels within the EU decreed in March because of the coronavirus epidemic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said.
  • The situation is deteriorating in Peru with 8,805 cases in 24 hours. The country now reports 178,914 contamination cases and 4,894 deaths (+260). The country is the 2nd contry the most impacted in Latin America, after Brazil. The situation is described as catastrophic by hospitals.
  • In Portugal, containment exit continues slowly. As of Thursday June 4, 33,261cases and 1,447 deaths (+11) have been reported. The country is ready to welcome visitors this summer. Movie theaters, show venues and gyms have started to reopen this Monday. Shopping malls can reopen excluding in Lisbon where the virus is still active.
  • Iran reports this Thursday about 3,000 new infections in 24 hours, which is the strongest increase in two months in the country. Iran reports 70 deaths in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 8,012 deaths. The country currently reports 157,562 cases declared. Official numbers show the disease has been spreading faster since May. Teheran has re-applied confinement measures in Khouzestan (south-west) as they remain in red, that is the highest level of risk according to the color code set up by the authorities.

  • In South Korea following the resurgence of new contamination clusters in the Seoul area, reinforced health measures have been applied in this area sheltering about half the population. As of today, 11,629 cases and 273 deaths (+0 in 24h) have been reported. 
  • In Chile, the epidemic is increasing and about 5000 new contaminations have been reported in 24 hours. The country includes 113,628 cases and 1,275 deaths, including 87 these past 24 hours.

  • Sweden exceeds 4,000 deaths. As of Thursday June 4, 40,803 cases and 4,542 deaths (+745) have been reported. It's one of the rare countries to have not gone into confinement. The country includes more deaths than its Nordic neighbors. A study carried out by the Swedish Health Agency estimates that a bit over 20% of Stockholm inhabitant developed antibodies against coronavirus.
  • In Japan as of Thursday June 4, 2020, 16,867 cases have been reported in total, and 905 deaths (+3). The government has lifted health emergency the entire country. To relaunch tourism, the government has cleared a 1.700-billion-yen budget (14 billion euros).
  • In India, the pandemic severely hits Bombay. The government has decided to extend confinement until late May. As of today, India reports 217,187 cases and 6,088 deaths (+259)
  • Morocco extends confinement up to June 10. The country reports 7,922 cases but few tests are performed. The country has also reported 206 deaths (+0 in 24 hours). The health situation is stable but not entirely reassuring, Morocco's Prime Minister Saad-Eddine El Othmani said. 
  • Currently reporting 24,687 contamination cases and 1,115 Covid-19 deaths (+23), Poland has reopened on May 18th hair salons, cafés and restaurants.
  • Romania announced the first deconfinement measures, mandatory facemasks starting from May 15 in closed spaces and public transit. As of today, the country reports 19,669 cases and 1,296 deaths (+8) because of Covid-19.

  • In Switzerland, the country is phasing out. First hair-dressers, doctors, daycares and garden centers, followed on May 11th by schools and other stores. Then professionsal and secondary schools, universities, zoos and libraries from June 8th. As of Thursday June 4, 1,921 deaths (+1) and 30,893 cases have been reported as well. Over 10% of Geneva inhabitants have been exposed to coronavirus, a study led by Geneva's university hospitals says.

  • In Algeria, the African country reporting the largest death toll, confinement is extended up to June 13. As of Thursday June 4, 9,733 cases and 673 deaths (+6) related to the epidemic have been reported.

  • The epidemic is spreading in Africa but remains mild. South Africa reports 37,525 cases and 792 deaths (+37)

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Coronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24h

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