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Published by Caroline J. · Published on 11 May 2020 at 10h11
Anne Hidalgo confirmed free cloth and washable facemasks will be given to each Parisian. Interviewed by LCI this May 5, Paris mayor says that these reusable masks will be available from May 11th in pharmacies. She said that "500,000 surgical msks will be avaialble this week given by arorndissement mayors to the most fragile people". Anne Hidalgo promised earlier in April that “two million cloth facemasks” will be “given” to Parisians in order to fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

In early April, the Academy of Medicine said that wearing a mask, even “non-surgical”, that is to say those who can do yourself, should be generalized, and even mandatory when going out for necessary reasons during the confinement. A recommendation that seems to have been mostly heard since the head of the government, Edouard Philippe, announced that from May 11, facemasks will be compulsory in public transit.

On April 29, in an interview with the AFP, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that "wearing a facemask in the public space, in the street is extremely salutary. It's an absolutely vital protective tool. I encourage Parisian to wear one because with a mask, you protect yourself and people around you".

For the record, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo also addressed on the matter, promising two million reusable cloth facemasks will be soon “given to Parisians”.

On May 5, on LCIAnne Hidalgo confirmed cloth facemasks will be given to Parisians very soon. "Cloth facemasks will arrive on May 11th in pharmacies with which we will set up a pass system so that Parisians can have a free masks very easily" she said.

These masks reusable up to twenty times will be given in pharmacies from May 11th and up to June 8th. "By June 8th, 2,800,000 masks would have been given to Parisians" she said. Note that masks will be to withdraw in pharmacies but "by presenting a voucher sent after signing up" on the city's website from May 11th.

How to withdraw your free facemask from May 11th?

To withdraw your free masks, you have to fill in a form on Paris' website. First enter a half-a-day time slot to go to one of the participating pharmacies. Then, enter your personal information and the number of people over 11 years old in your home. Once you are done, you will get a confirmation email as well as the withdrawal voucher to print out or download on your smartphone.

For the record, these masks are reserved for all Parisians over 11 years old (said to be the age to start wearing compulsory facemasks in public transit). These free masks are limited to one per person and up to 6 by home.

If you happen not to have Internet, know you can call 3975, Paris' only information number (local call charges). The officer will fill in the form with you to generate an immediate withdrawal voucher with a time slot. The voucher will be mailed to you.

Anne Hidalgo said these reusable masks will be manufactured by three companies appointed by Paris: "200,000 by the Boldoduc company, 200,000 by the Résilience network, and 1.5 million by the Costo&Rico company. 100,000 extra masks will be made by social and solidarity economy companies in Paris".

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