Progressive lockdown exit in France: Macron's guidelines

Published by My B., Alexandre G. · Published on 25 November 2020 at 12h00
This Tuesday evening, President Macron detailed the lockdown exit strategy said to rely on several steps including a bi-monthly update. Reopening of stores, extended trips, reopening of places of worship will be followed by the lockdown lifting on December 15, at the same time as movie theaters, museums and theaters. Then, if the situation allows it, it will be time for gyms, restaurants, high schools and colleges to reopen.

How will the second lockdown exit strategy unfold in France? This is the very question the executive, and President Macron first, are trying to answer. The head of State is expected to deliver a speech "next week" to address the strategy of another lockdown exit, this time made harder with the Holidays.

First step: November 28, in the morning

  • Reopening of stores, salons and home services until 9 p.m. at the latest
  • Trips allowed up to 20km and for 3 hours, but with a mandatory trip certificate
  • Reopening of places of worship, and limited to max. 30 people
  • Reopening of bookstores, record stores and libraries

Second step: December 15

  • Lockdown exit - as for trips
  • Careful, vacations will not be like usual and going away is not recommended
  • Resuming of indoor extracurricular activities
  • Reopening of movie theaters, theaters and museums
  • Gatherings still banned
  • No reopening of theme parks, bars, restaurants, nor night clubs
  • Curfew implemented from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., avoiding non necessary trips, excluding on December 24 and 31, excluding outdoor gatherings
  • Limiting the number of people together indoors as much as possible

Third step: January 20

  • Reopening of gyms
  • Reopening of restaurants
  • Reopening of high schools
Fourth step: January 25
  • Reopening of colleges

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