Coronavirus: pharmacies allowed to sell surgical and non-surgical facemasks

Published by Caroline J., Elodie D. · Photos by My B. · Published on 1 May 2020 at 10h23
This is now official; pharmacies are allowed to sell surgical and non-surgical facemasks to be protected against Covid-19.

Sale and distribution of non-surgical facemasks are getting clearer in France as containment exit is upon us. After tobacco stores who can sell masks for everyone starting from May 4, pharmacies are now allowed to sell surgical masks in priority to "fragile patients".

According to the Labor Unions of Pharmacists in Dispensaries (or USPO - Union des Syndicats de Pharmaciens d'Officine) president Gilles Bonnefond interviewed by the AFTP: "This is a logical decision. We cannot wait to refuse to sell masks to people as they will find some at the hypermarket when grocery shopping".

So far, dispensaries were to respect the public health regulations determining the list of goods pharmacists can sell in their dispensaries. The sale of FFP2 and surgical masks, devoted to health professionals were authorized on a certain number of conditions.

If the news reassures the USPO, pharmacists are still waiting for the official decree expected to be ordered in the upcoming days, in order to know more about this authorization.

Good news for French who fear deconfinement and were wondering where to get those protective facemasks prior to May 11.

No need to run to pharmacies as long as the decree is not officially signed! By the way, when you will get those mask, make sure you respect mask use instructions: to keep it effective for you and others, mask should be fitted at the top of your nose, you do not want to feel the air going to your eyes and you must not remore it under any circumstance.

If you mut your mask just by your mouth, "to breathe better," tell yourself that COVID-19 can go through your nostrils and if you remove your mask to talk to your neighbor, it would be badly seen because you are spoiling masks and you can spread the virus!

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