Coronavirus: Spain does not want to close border with France

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 23 July 2020 at 15h38 · Updated on 23 July 2020 at 15h48
As in Spain, there are more and more contaminatiojns, leading to the re-containment of some of the Spanish population, in France, Jean Castex does not exclude the closure of the French-Spanish border, one month after it reopened. A possibility worrying tourists. As for Spain, the country hopes this scenario will not happen.

Reopening Spanish borders at the end of lockdown was at the heart of tourists' worries who planned to vacation there. Amid the coronavirus epidemic, the delicate issue of hosting foreign tourists was both a health stake, as well as an economic stake. The Spanish government returned on the date several times before making the final call: the French-Spanish border reopened on June 21, 2020.

Yet, only a month later, the situation might change. In Spain, as new clusters and new contaminations led to the re-containment of some of the population, especially in Catalonia including the highly touristic city of Barcelona.
The country is also one of the most impacted by the coronavirus epidemic.

Moving on to France, several parts of the territory experience an increase of the cases in regions that were so far pretty much safe from the virus. Moreover, facemasks are mandatory from July 20, 2020 in all closed public places. But the possibility of new cases brought from Spain and from France casts a shadow as for a second wave. This Saturday July 18, 2020, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced he does not exclude the closure of the French-Spanish border. A news that can only make tourists worry as they fear they might stay stuck abroad.

But what about Spain? On Wednesday July 22, 2020Reyes Maroto - Spain tourism minister - said she hopes France will not decide to close these major borders for the country because of the mobility with European partners. As for the health situation in Catalonia, she is optimistic announcing the region managed to lower the infection toll over the three previous days.

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