Coronavirus: no quarantine for people travelling in Europe (Schengen area)

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 7 May 2020 at 13h04
The end of confinement is coming but the health emergency because of coronavirus keeps on. If France reopens borders, it plans to put into quarantine all French and travelers coming form “countries at risk”. Be rest assured, Europe, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom are not included in the measure.

This Sunday May 2, the government’s spokesperson, Sibeth Ndiaye, has announced a list of “countries at risk” of coronavirus will be shared soon, including quarantine for people coming from these countries. Expatriates and travelers coming from these countries will be isolated for two weeks when landing in France for a preventive “two-weekquarantine. If this measure is part of the extension of the health emergency said to be voted and adopted later this week, we do not know how long it will stay.

As of today, the only information is that French and travelers from country members of the Schengen area or the United Kingdom will not be submitted to this two-week quarantine. The French Council in the United Kingdom let the cat out of the bag on Twitter:

People landing on French soil and from countries in the European area (EU/Schengen and the United-Kingdom) will NOT be included in this quarantine measure announced in France, which details will be given soon”.

For the record, the Schengen area closed its borders on Tuesday March 17th, but will reopen them very soon. Many countries demand controls at the borders until the end of the year.

It says a lot about the post-confinement future. If you planned to go on summer vacations, you will have to wait and check the country is not an at-risk area, or you will have to spend 14 days in confinement when going to France.

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