Deconfinement: compulsory access vouchers aboard some TER trains in five regions in France

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 10 May 2020 at 14h48 · Updated on 11 May 2020 at 12h37
Digital vouchers to download for free to get aboard a TER train in Normandy, Occitanie and even in Hauts-de-France? This is what the SNCF announced in order to limit the number of travelers in regional trains, starting from May 11th.

If Ile-de-France commuters will have to show an employer’s certificate to use train at peak hours, some TER passengers will have to get a digital voucher to get on board. To download for free, these vouchers will be necessary in several TER trains in five French regions: the hor. Goal? Limiting the number of travelers in some regional trains where booking is not possible, unlike Ouigo trains for instance.

How can you get these free vouchers? Simply by going to the websites of the five regions or via the Assistant SNCF app. Careful though, this voucher will not be given at railway station desks. This voucher is available three days prior to the day you travel. Discover all the information about these access vouchers for these regions.

If you plan to travel in Normandy starting from May 11th, no need to get a digital voucher in all TER trains in the region. So far, only the Rouen-Dieppe and Caen-Granville trips need one. Discover the train schedules concerned by this voucher.

In this region, the voucher is called “accès train serein”. As a complement to your ticket or current subscription, you must get this access voucher before boarding TER Occitanie trains from May 11th. Yet, Occitanie has not shared the list of TER for which the voucher is needed. More information soon on the region’s website.

The region unveiled a map with lines concerned by the free mandatory voucher to get aboard the regional TER trains from May 11th. Discover how you can get this access voucher.

Centre-Val de Loire
For this region, the SNCF and Rémi have set up a list of trains in order to limit the number of travelers in the same train as much as possible. A subscriber access voucher is mandatory for all subscribers getting on board. Trains involved in this subscriber access voucher system will be listed on the “Info Traffic” boards.

Starting from May 11th, the access to some TER trains on the Dijon-Besançon line will be limited. To ride these trains, you must hold an access voucher in addition to your subscription. Discover the list of trains concerned by the measure and meet here to get the access voucher.

For the record, the SNCF shared its deconfinement plan and announced that facemasks will be compulsory. By the way, the train company plans 55% of TER traffic from May 11th.

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