Coronavirus: a memorial in tribute to victims?

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by My B. · Published on 19 May 2020 at 14h04 · Updated on 21 May 2020 at 13h10
According to sources close to President Emmanuel Macron and his entourage are thinking about building up a memorial in tribute to the victims of Covid-19. An idea that already sparks strong critics.

Will there be a monument built up in memory of Covid-19 victims? For a few days, the news is traveling but the idea is far from delighting everyone. According to Le Parisien daily, this idea has been proposed to the Head of State by the Scientific Council. So far, nothing has been made because the idea is still under study.

Emmanuel Macron’s very entourage is divided by the project. “It’s appealing on paper, but the President has no opinion so far. He asks us to think about it” a source says to Le Parisien. Another member of the entourage says: “Before we start naming a Covid memorial day or build any kind of building, we should see how it will all end first”.

As for internet users, the idea does not seem to please everyone. On Twitter, negative reactions were not long in coming. Doctors and even ETHIC employer’s movement president Sophie de Menthon shared their opinion on the matter.

Tweet reads: “France, the idolatry of defeat. The Arc de Triomphe from the 19th century leaves way to the celebration of a defeat against a virus. At each time its pride. A memorial for Covid-19 victim project is dividing”.

Tweet reads: “Sébastien Bousquet: Covid-19: Macron thinks about a “memorial” in tribute to the victims. A memorial to the victims as he has done nothing to protect French? Is it some kind of joke??”

Tweet reads: “Please no! A memorial for Covid-19 victims is under study, what about gastroenteritis victims?!”

The government has also planned other tributes such as one for the medical staff on July 14th.

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