A MP proposes to penalize masks thrown out on the street

Published by Charlene S. · Published on 21 May 2020 at 15h45
Since facemasks have been advised – and even made compulsory in some places – it is not rare to see many of them thrown out on the ground in the streets. To fight against this new form of pollution, a MP from Alpes-Maritimes proposes to penalize people for doing so.

Perhaps have you noticed protective facemasks are storming the ground in the streets. Since the government has recommended and even imposed them in some stores or in public transportation, some people have the bad habit of throwing out their masks on the ground once they no longer need them. An offense that exasperate waste collectors because it represents a contamination risk for them or anyone walking by.

A new source of pollution Eric Pauget wants to fight against as he is a LR MP in the 7th Alpes-Maritimes ward who handed this May 18, 2020 a draft bill to penalize this uncivilized garbage on the public road. The MP proposes a €300 fine for any person caught throwing their masks or gloves out on the streets. Eric Pauget also demands that video protection be used on the public road to penalize these people.

Tweet reads: “I have just handed a draft bill to fight against the uncivilized throw of used masks and gloves on the public road to reinforce the fight against these behaviors leading to major health and environmental risks

Each piece of waste not managed in compliance with the environment code is a problem and even pollution that has a high cost on many levels for the community” the draft bill says.

But where to throw away masks and gloves? The Minister of Ecology already gave instructions about it. “It is asked to people to throw away tissues, masks, gloves and cleaning wipes in a devoted and sturdy plastic bag including a handy closing system. This bag must be thoroughly closed and kept for 24 hours before being transferred to the plastic bag for household waste

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