Coronavirus in Île-de-France: hospitals still under pressure but an “overall positive signal”

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 27 May 2020 at 16h11
How will the Covid-19 map look like when Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will present it on May 28 when presenting on the second phase of containment exit? Will Paris and Île-de-France turn green? According to Ile-de-France Health Agency director Aurélien Rousseau, “there are reasons to be optimistic”. If some hospitals are still under pressure, he speaks about an “overall positive signal”.

May people are impatient to see what May 28 will bring. This Thursday, the French government is said to disclose, at the end of the defense council, the second phase of the containment exit scheme starting on June 2nd and for 3 weeks, that is to say, after World Music Day. The executive is expected to assess the situation in France from May 11 and say if departments still in red can go green. We can obviously think about Paris and Île-de-France. Will parks and gardens open again? Will restaurants, cafés and bars be allowed to welcome patrons again? Will museums reopen? The government will deliver answers this Thursday May 28th.

In the meantime, Ile-de-France Health Agency director Aurélien Rousseau says “there are reasons to be optimistic” as for the evolution of the virus in the region.

Interviewed on May 27th on France Info, he said the number of people in ICU was decreasing every day. “We have fewer people hospitalized with Covid-19. We mostly have our alert indicators turned positive. We have fewer calls from the paramedics for suspicions of Covid-19. We have fewer patients in the ER. And most of all, all the tests we’ve performed, there is a rather low rate of people who tested positive. So, with all this, it gives an overall positive signal” he explained.

Yet, Aurélien Rousseau warns hospitals and clinics in Île-de-France are still under pressure with 666 Covid patients in ICU and 7,200 Covid patients hospitalized.

So, will Ile-de-France be green? Ile-de-France Health Agency director is cautious. “We can go from red to green on some indicators, but our obsession is to make sure there is no blind spot when we look at the epidemic” he said.

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