Containment exit: Paris and Ile-de-France are green

Published by My B., Julie M. · Photos by Julie M. · Published on 15 June 2020 at 09h58
Following Emmanuel Macron's address this Sunday night, Paris and Ile-de-France are now in green area starting this Monday June 15. Discover what changes and what remains suspended for now.

The coronavirus epidemic is withdrawing in France. All indicators enabled the government to make the deconfinement map by department are now enabling Emmanuel Macron to announce that France is entirely in green area, excluding Mayotte and French Guiana.

It means that the capital and the entire Ile-de-France region is now in green area: "Starting from tomorrow, the entire territory, excluding Mayotte and French Guiana where the virus is still highly active, (...) will go (...) into the green area, enabling a stronger recovery of work, and the reopening of cafés, and restaurants in Ile-de-France" Macron said. Consequently, bars, cafés, and restaurants can fully reopen in Île-de-France like in other regions.

Moreover, daycares, junior high schools, and schools can welcome all students again starting from June 22, mandatorily. "Starting from tomorrow, we will write a new chapter in the crisis we have just been through" the President said. "Starting from tomorrow, France, and overseas territories, daycares, schools, junior high schools are preparing to welcome from June 22 all students mandatorily and in compliance with the normal presence rules" he said.

Moreover, in nursing home and other homes for dependent elderly people, visits are "allowed" from Monday.

The President reminds the virus is still there, even though less active, but you shall remain cautious. You will still have to avoid gatherings that might spread the virus, they will remain highly supervised. This is a first victory against coronavirus hailed by the French President who wishes to "learn lessons" from the health crisis for the future that is to come.

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