Notre Dame de Paris: reopening in April 2024 confirmed by Jean-Louis Georgelin

Published by Laurent P., Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Laurent P. · Updated on 3 July 2020 at 13h53 · Published on 3 July 2020 at 13h36
Notre-Dame de Paris not to be delivered before 2024? Fondation Notre-Dame delegate general Christophe Rousselot said this Tuesday June 9, 2020 he was skeptical as for the reopening of the Parisian cathedral announced by the French President back in April 2019 after most of it has been destroyed in a fire. This Thursday July 2, 2020 general Jean-Louis Georgelin has affirmed Notre-Dame will reopen in April 2024.

When will Paris Notre-Dame cathedral reopen? Since the fire that destroyed most of the famous building in April 2019, the reconstruction time announced by French President Emmanuel Macron is regularly put into question. And the coronavirus crisis stopped works, which helped nothing. Yet, on Thursday July 2, 2020 as reviewing works, general Jean-Louis Georgelin reaffirms Notre-Dame will be able to repoen in April 2024.

Fondation Notre-Dame delegate general and main capital provider for the restructuration of the cathedral Christophe Rousselot said this Tuesday June 9, 2020 on BFM Paris he was skeptical as for the reopening date of Notre-Dame de Paris the President said will be on April 16, 2024.

If we talk about the entire building, with external restoration for instance, of course it will take more time” he explains. But partial reopening remains possible, saying in that case “this deadline seems possible […] with satisfactory safety conditions” using the cathédrale de Nantes as an example, as it has been damaged by a fire as well. Works have been running late for different grounds – bad weather, health crisis, lead pollution to name a few – and it resumed on Monday June 8 only with the dismantlement of the scaffolding around the roof, half melted.

Works that started again, and the budget envelop might double, as Christophe Rousselot explained this Monday June 8 to Le Parisien: “The consolidation and securitization budget reached €85 million. It will undoubtedly double to reach €160 million” he said before going on: “The Fondation Notre-Dame finances 45% of the entire works to come. It keeps on collecting funds. And the invoice is increasing: there are new equipment, works, processes related to Covid increase the costs”.

A work like that, your budget is always changing” the Fondation Notre-Dame delegate general explains on BFM Paris.. To be continued…

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