Emmanuel Macron’s address: announces as for the economy’s recovery

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 15 June 2020 at 15h50
In his presidential address on Sunday June 14, 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced to fully commit to the country’s economy’s recovery and has given ore details as on taxes.

Will the health crisis be soon a bad memory? In his presidential address on Sunday June 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron has made announcements as for the economy’s recovery and the future of the country once the covid-19 crisis is over. And announcements will make many people happy… Starting with taxes that will not increase: “These expenses justified and justify with the exceptional circumstances we have been through, but they are added to our existing debt” he says before developing “we will not finance these expenses by increasing taxes”. He explained that “our country is already one of those where tax level is the highest”.

The only response to relaunch the economy, according to the French President, is to “build a sustainable, stronger economic model, to work and produce more to be able not to depend on others”. A President who also announced to fully commit to the reconstruction: “I will take, with all the strength of our country, with the network of our companies, our employees, our freelances, our intermediate bodies on, I will commit to this economic reconstruction”, even though “our country will go through bankruptcies and multiple social schemes because the world economic stopped”.

At the heart of this economy’s recovery, employment, that must be saved at all cost: “First, we must do everything we can to avoid layoffs, therefore, with union trades and employers, we have launched negotiation so that in all companies, we manage to keep as many jobs as possible despite the decrease of the activity” he said, explaining it was also necessary to “create new jobs by investing our technologic, digital, industrial and agricultural independence”.

The reconstruction will go through the creation of “tomorrow’s” jobs, through “ecological reconstruction reuniting production and climate, with a scheme to modernize the country around thermic renovation of our buildings, less polluting transport, support to green industries”. It shall be “social and solidarity-based”, with negotiations already going on to rise salaries and careers in the medical field, with the famous Ségur de la santé, as well as protecting elderly people, people the most fragile and those in need.

The French President also reminded this economic reconstruction will be made with Europe, recalling the French-German agreement made a few weeks ago about “common debt and investment plan to recover the continent’s economy”. The economic, ecological, and joint reconstruction will be the “key to our independence” as Emmanuel Macron explained. It will ultimately be fixed “all summer long with our nation’s driving forces to be implemented as soon as possible.”

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