Coronavirus: dexamethasone, a steroid that can reduce death by up to one third

Published by Charlene S. · Published on 17 June 2020 at 14h38
According to a British clinical trial, a drug belonging to steroids, is said to reduce Covid-19 sick death rate by up to one third. An encouraging study as no treatment is known yet to fight against the novel coronavirus.

Will a treatment against coronavirus soon be available? If according to Novartis head no vaccine will be available before two years, a British study brings an encouraging answer to the question.

According to this British clinical trial, a steroid drug, dexamethasone, is said to reduce death in patients the most infected by coronavirus by up to one third. Moreover, this drug is already used in other cases for its powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

This trial, named Recovery, has been carried out on over 2,000 patients who have been treated (orally or intravenously) for 10 days. Then, results have been compared with the 4,321 other patients who have not been given it. Scientists noticed treatment improved cure in people severely sick and put on breathing support. Yet, the drug showed no improvement for patients who did not need breathing support.

An encouraging result amid the fight against Covid-19. British public healthcare system NHS medical director Professor Stephen Powis said: “Potentially preventing 1 death in every 8 ventilated patients would be remarkable”.

Following the first results, the British government announced this treatment will be used to cure patients concerned. A ground-breaking development for the scientific community after the ban and the uselessness of chloroquine has been shows in other studies.

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