Coronavirus: 175 clusters investigated in France as of August 6, 2020

Published by Julie M. · Published on 11 August 2020 at 19h27 · Updated on 11 August 2020 at 19h27
As of Thursday August 6, 2020, France reports 175 coronavirus clusters currently being investigated, including 14 new ones over 24 hours. Is a second wave hitting France?

The viral circulation is still going strong in France. The amount of tests performed has been increasing for weeks and now reaches about 500,000 per week, with a 1.6% positivity rate. The weekly incidence rate is of 9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the R remains at 1.4. Every day, over a hundred people infected by COVID-19 are admitted at the hospital.

The latest report of the Santé publique France agency states 175 active clusters in France, including 14 new these past 24 hours. 768 clusters have been reported since containment exit started in France, but 489 are now closed.

Santé Publique France reports that out of these 279 active clusters still investigated on August 6, 2020, 175 are still being investigated and 104 are under control, but not over yet. A cluster is said to be controlled when the follow-up of contacts is going on and there is no new case within 7 days after the last case. A cluster is closed when there is no new case 14 days after the beginning of the signs of the latest case AND the end of the two-week self-isolation of contacts.

But what is a cluster?

Health authorities speak about cluster when there are at least 3 confirmed or suspected Covid-19 contamination cases on a 7-day basis and that these cases belong to the same community or took part in the same gathering, whether they know each other or not.

Where are they at today?

As of August 6, 2020, 14 departments require vigilance:

  • Mild: 10 departments (GirondeHaute-GaronneHaute-SavoieIlle-et-VilaineNorthVal d'OiseParisSeine-Saint-DenisHauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, and Bouches-du-Rhône)
  • High: 3 departments (MayenneMayotte, and French Guiana

As for Finistère (29), midly vulnerable last week is now limited following the evacuation of false-positive patients.

As of Wednesday July 29, 2020 the Île-de-France reports 36 active clusters including 12 in Paris. New clusters have broke out in ToulouseMarseille and even Mayotte.

France and clusters as of July 29, 2020 (excluding nursing homes and limited family environment)

Coronavirus : 151 clusters en cours d'investigation en France ce 30 juillet 2020Coronavirus : 151 clusters en cours d'investigation en France ce 30 juillet 2020Coronavirus : 151 clusters en cours d'investigation en France ce 30 juillet 2020Coronavirus : 151 clusters en cours d'investigation en France ce 30 juillet 2020

In its latest weekly report, on July 29, the weekly trend of new clusters early July is increasing, and it now exceeds the situation at the end of containment (S20), with 65 clusters in S30.

531 clusters (499 mainland France, 32 Overseas) have been reported. About a third is now investigated (28%) including a third in high criticality (potential transmissions, gravity criteria); 11% were controlled (ongoing contac-tracking, no new case 7 days after the latest case), 58% are closed (no new case 14 days after the first signs of the last case AND the end of quarantine of contacts), 3% have infected a community (no change, 15 in French Guiana, and 2 in Mayenne).

Based on all clusters, the extended family environment (several homes) and public and private events (temporary gatherings) are the kind of collectivity the most represented (21%) with a sharp increase in July (14.5% as of 07/02).

Most cases (68%) included over 5 cases, and a median of 14 cases. The 531 clusters included a total of 7,401 cases. To take cautiously because of the many ongoing clusters but the toll of cases (including all clusters) per week seems lower than these past weeks in comparison with when lockdown has been lifted.

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