Coronavirus: WHO sounds the alarm regarding the resurgence of cases in Europe

Published by Manon C. · Published on 26 June 2020 at 10h20
Regarding the resurgence of coronavirus cases in Europe and the outbreak of many clusters, the World Health Organization is worried.

Several European countries have been facing what looks like a second coronavirus epidemic wave for fays with the outbreak of new clusters.

Germany has decided to put 2 cantons on lockdown again (that is to say 645,000 people) because of a cluster in the biggest slaughterhouse in Europe, in the Eastern part of the country; Portugal has also admitted clusters have been growing for days in the Lisbon region; as for Italy, Spain, and even France, they fear a likely second wave with the outbreak of several clusters.

This Thursday June 25, for a press conference, WHO Europe chief Hans Kluge said he was worried by the resurgence of coronavirus cases in Europe: “Last week, Europe saw an increase in weekly cases for the first time in months. 30 countries/territories have seen increases in new cumulative cases over the past two weeks.”

He adds: “In 11 of these countries/territories, accelerated transmission has led to very significant resurgence that if left unchecked will push health systems to the brink once again in Europe.” WHO has yet underlined and hailed the “rapid” reaction of some countries regarding the resurgence of new coronavirus cases that recently occurred in “schools, coal mines, and food production settings.” “Where new clusters of cases appeared, these have been controlled through rapid and targeted interventions.”

According to the World Health Organization, Europe records a daily toll around 20,000 cases and over 700 deaths.

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