Emmanuel Macron announces the generalization of body-worn cameras to police officers

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 14 July 2020 at 17h04 · Updated on 15 July 2020 at 17h14
In his televised interview on July 14, French President Emmanuel Macron announced body-worn cameras will be generalized “before the five-year term ends” to all police officers. The goal? “Restoring trust” with the French people.

It was a televised interview highly expected by many French. On July 14, Emmanuel Macron answered questions asked by Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau about unemployment, climate change, taxes, and even the new cabinet. The head of state also spoke about the loss of trust with the forces of order, following the recent and many accusations of police violence.

Answering the question, the French President announced the generalization of body-worn cameras by the “end of the five-year term” to all police officers. “We have been speaking about it for too longEmmanuel Macron said about the accusations of racial profiling by the forces of order. “We will take everything from the beginning and generalize before the end of the five-year term the body-worn cameras enabling on matters such as operation fashion to restore trust with the French people and the police, (…), to track down the truth of the facts” he explained before adding “I will do everything to protect the French”.

For the record, body-worn cameras are those famous wearable cameras set on police officers during their shift.

So far, this statement already made Esther Benbassa react as she is the EELV senator (Europe Ecology) party in Paris who considers these body-worn cameras are “useless”.

Tweet reads: “#Racialprofiling. @EmmanuelMacron only has to propose these #body-worncameras that lack, don’t work, are useless. What we need is the #receipt to stop the arbitrariness and humiliation. Nothing else. We’re far from getting there, sadly.

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