Covid: a new Health Defense Council this Wednesday January 27, 2021?

Published by Julie M., Cécile D. · Published on 24 January 2021 at 12h00 · Updated on 24 January 2021 at 16h43
A new Health Defense Council is said to be held this Wednesday January 27, 2021 at the Elysée Palace, according to JDD. Following which, French President Emmanuel Macron might address the people to make new statements. In the meantime, Olivier Véran says the government is waiting for curfew data this week before making decisions.

A new Health Defense Council is said to be held this Wednesday January 27, 2021. It could be followed by another address by the French President.

On the agenda, it would be probably be about more restrictions to fight against increasing Covid-19 cases. Curfew data would be known by then. More and more people are worried about the UK and South-African variants and might lead decisions towards another lockdown.

Le Parisien says that major measures are to be made in the coming days: "if there are major decisions to make, it will be now" someone close to the Health Ministry said.

After curfew from 6 p.m. extended to the entire country, rumors about an unavoidable lockdown are spreading. We are expecting for instating stronger restrictions for February to halt the spread of the epidemic. Even though the French government would like to avoid a third lockdown, the idea seems already official in many people, getting ready to have to limit their trips.

So far, February break "is to go as planned", National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer says. And if a new lockdown was to be implemented, schools might remain open.

The latest Defense Council took place last week, on January 20. And after that, the Prime Minister made no special statement, thinking that curfew should be given time to be effective.

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