Coronavirus: the Scientific Committee demands a re-containment protocol for 20 big cities

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 5 August 2020 at 16h51
Facing Covid-19 that is still highly active in France, the Scientific Committee would like to set up a re-containment scheme for the 20 biggest cities in France. Let’s tell you more about it.

There are more and more cities imposing facemasks outside, like in Lille, Toulouse, Nice, Biarritz, Concarneau, and even Laval. And Paris will also soon make facemasks mandatory in some highly frequented streets in town.

We must say that Covid-19 is still very active in the country. From July 20 to 26, the number of new Covid-19 infections increased by 54% in France.

The Scientific Committee, entrusted with advising the government on how to manage the coronavirus epidemic, unveiled earlier this week two new releases, including one from July 27. As many people fear a second wave this Fall, the Scientific Committee reminds: “France can fall at any time” and confirms “it is highly likely a second epidemic wave will happen this Fall or Winter”.

Therefore, the Committee demands a preventive scheme put up as a targeted and local re-containment protocol for the 20 biggest cities in France.

Thus, the Scientific Committee explains that in “areas of dense population” the risk of locally re-containing is high and says that “countries like England developed such schemes”, referring to Leicester that has been put on Lockdown again. “It is vital to mobilize and solicit local authorities of the 20 biggest cities in France so that they create and operationalize local intervention plans in case of a health threat”, scientists insist on, before adding, “developing local public health messages combined to targeted management of the epidemic including support to vulnerable people and taking social inequalities into account is vital. This plan shall also include hospitals and primary health centers such as nursing homes and medical practices”.

As for the implication of populations to prevent the spread, the Scientific Committee says “however it resurges, it is vital the population sticks to the social distancing measures, and a testing policy evolving depending on the risk, and self-isolation while waiting for the results of the test or in the event of a positive test”.

Once again, the Scientific Committee reminds the government “upstream mobilization is vital to guarantee the effectiveness of the implementation of such plans”.

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