Coronavirus: what are the forthcoming restrictions in Paris?

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 17 September 2020 at 18h18 · Updated on 17 September 2020 at 23h04
As the coronavirus epidemic is growing exponentially in France,this Thursday September 17, 2020, Olivier Véran announces "even stronger" measures possible in red areas. Will new restrictions be implemented in Paris? Here are the measures that could be made in the French capital.

The coronavirus epidemic is resurging in France, and in the Paris area, the incidence shows the number of positive cases for 100,000 people has exceeded the 100-threshold, that is to say twice as many as the alert threshold. For the first wave, Île-de-France was particularly hit by the health crisis, especially in Paris. As Covid-19 is exponentially spreading and that this Thursday September 17 Olivier Véran says that "if the situation does not get better, we will have to make even stronger measures in red area", what should we expect in Paris?

Facemasks being mandatory already, including in outdoor places, what additional measures should we expect? Among the hypothesis that could be considered, you can for instance think about some restrictions the French people experienced as early as the beginning of lockdown such as the ban of public transit at peak hours, without a derogation from your employer.

The implementation of a curfew leading to the closure of bars and restaurants at 11 p.m. or 1 a.m. as it is already the case in Alpes-Maritimes. The maximal capacity of places could decrease or even ban gatherings beyond a certain number of people.

Another hypothesis is about more massive testing campaigns in Ile-de-France, especially with the opening of about twenty screen testing centers in Ile-de-France. The shadow of another lockdown on a local base is not a hypothesis to swipe aside, among the most determining factors to make this drastic measure, the occupational rate of hospitals is a determining criterion. Outing restrictions such as working from home when it is not necessary to travel to your office could be considered as well, companies representing the greatest part of clusters currently investigated.

Visuel Paris vide Champs Elysées Arc de TriompheVisuel Paris vide Champs Elysées Arc de TriompheVisuel Paris vide Champs Elysées Arc de TriompheVisuel Paris vide Champs Elysées Arc de Triomphe Coronavirus: re-containment on what criteria?
As in France the coronavirus epidemic is gaining ground, the shadow of a new lockdown seems to lurk over main big cities. So, what criteria might lead to a local re-containment in France?

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