Coronavirus: these digital initiatives aiming at making caregivers’ work easier

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 11 October 2020 at 13h35 · Updated on 12 October 2020 at 13h59
Everything is good to fight against coronavirus, this explains the many digital initiatives aiming at making caregivers’ work easier multiplying. Here is what you should know!

Amid the fight against coronavirus, time saving is vital!
In hospitals, saving time goes through different tools available to health caregivers. And in order to be effective in these uncertain health times, many digital initiatives have been created in order to make old technologic barriers fall. Secured sharing platforms, data managing, artificial intelligence… A non-negligible timesaver shaking uses.

Therefore, as said by L'Express, the Health Minister’s website has gathered on one page “dozens of companies, major in the industry – like Microsoft or GE Healthcare – or sprouts offering their services often for free”. Among these tools, the Covid-Réa platform included in the Team'Doc application mixing secured messaging service and online storage space. “There has been a breaker of news, mails, and messages, we had to create a bubble of trust with the right news checked in real time in a secured space validated by the bodies” anesthesiologist and creator of the application Sacha Rozencwajg explains to L'Express.

Another tool, Icubam, developed by Nancy University Hospital practitioner and professor Antoine Kimmoun. This is an app enabling to count the number of beds available in intensive care units in the country. In real time, and visible with a color scheme, green and red, to be read simply. A tool enabling to take care of patients as well as possible and in case of saturation, send them to another hospital. “The State owns an extremely reliable system, relying on data consolidated to the maximum, but not always updatedAntoine Kimmoun told L'Express. He goes on: “Icubam enables to update in real time the news directly shared by caregivers in ICU”.

Is the hospital deeply transforming, moving on to more cutting-edge digital technologies? “Reluctance is weakeningSacha Rozencwajg says. He concludes: “Technology had to prove itself, showing its use was possible and safe”. The digitalization of the tools is coming along nicely, then, and over time, it could change the hospital trade.

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