Emmanuel Macron to increase border control

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 6 November 2020 at 13h51
Faced with the terror threat and illegal immigration, Emmanuel Macron announced increased border controls. And the number of France’s police officers will double up, moving from 2,400 police officers to 4,800 of them.

Accompanied by Secretary of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and State Secretary in charge of the European Affairs Clément Beaune, Emmanuel Macron went to Perthus on Thursday November 5, 2020 to visit the Perthus Police and Customs Cooperation Center, a facility were French and Spanish police works together.

The president announced the staff will be doubled up at the borders: with 4,800 French police officers to fight against clandestine immigration and the “terror threat”, as the vigipirate plan has been moved to “attack alert” following the knife-attacks over the past few days.

Tweet reads: “LIVE | Fight against terrorism and increased border controls: listen to President Emmanuel Macron’s statement from Pyrénées-Orientales”.

During his address, Emmanuel Macron explained “we shall improve our fight against clandestine immigration and traffickers’ networks that grow more and more related to terrorism”.

Emmanuel Macron insisted on the necessity to reform the Schengen area: “I am well-inclined and I will therefore support the first propositions to the [European] Council in December so that we can overhaul Schengen in-depth to rethink the organization, to improve our common protection with genuine police at the external borders”.

He repeated how worried he was: “The attacks that France experienced, that Austria experienced a few days ago in Vienna, show us that the terrorist risk is everywhere, that networks are globalized, that terrorists are now organizing themselves on a global basis. through the Internet and social networks, but also by sending agents across borders”.

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