Coronavirus Paris-Île-de-France: when will restrictions be eased off?

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 21 December 2020 at 09h55
Facemask-wearing, curfew, and anticipated closure, more and more restrictions have been instated in Paris and Île-de-France to curb the coronavirus epidemic all the way to the implementation of a new nationwide lockdown. But when will restrictions be eased off? First answers.

Restrictions have been multiplied in Paris and Île-de-France to face the second coronavirus epidemic wave. Facemask-wearing, anticipated closure of bars, curfew and all the way up to a new nationwide curfew, the Parisian area have experienced a string of measures to face the exponential increase of indicators. But when will restrictions be eased?

It is first necessary for the epidemic to slow down. Even though Île-de-France is not part of the areas the occupancy rate is the highest in France, patients could be transferred from regions where it is more preoccupying. But, after stagnating, the epidemic seems to surge again as the Holidays are just around the corner. By the way, a third wave is likely to occur by January 2021, past the Holiday celebrations.

Yet, in January 2021, the vaccine campaign is expected to have started in France already. In Paris, the City Hall has made everything possible to make vaccine easier to get for people concerned.

Visuel Paris, hotel de villeVisuel Paris, hotel de villeVisuel Paris, hotel de villeVisuel Paris, hotel de ville Covid in Paris: five major centers to vaccinate “30 to 40%” of the population “starting January”
Vaccination against Covid is underway in Paris! Anne Hidalgo announced during a meeting with arrondissement mayors she identified five potential sites that could house several centers for anti-coronavirus vaccination campaigns. The goal being to vaccinate 30 to 40% of the population in Paris – including prioritized people – starting January 2021, once the vaccine issued. [Read more]

Depending on the effectiveness of this massive campaign and the evolution of the health situation, some post-lockdown measures might be eased off such as the possible reopening of cultural places from January 7, 2021 as well as facilities that are still closed naming bars, restaurants, nightclubs hoping to reopen on January 20, 2021. The situation is said to be re-assessed by January 4, 2021 by the government. In the meantime, curfew has been implemented and in Paris, restaurants must stop deliveries and take-aways from 10 p.m.

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As the Covid vaccination campaign keeps on going, when will we be able to ditch masks outdoor? This Wednesday June 16, 2021, facemasks are no longer compulsory outdoor starting from Thursday June 17, and curfew is to be lifted from Sunday June 20, 2021. [Read more]

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