Paris: towards paid parking for scooters, motorbikes and other motorized two-wheelers?

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 16 November 2020 at 09h28 · Updated on 16 November 2020 at 12h58
Is this time for free parking for scooters and motorbikes in Paris to be over? So far, nothing is certain, but the City of Paris is studying the lead of paid parking for motorized two-wheelers.

Because of the health crisis, campaign promises are flying away. After promising not to raised taxes during the latest municipal campaign, reality is far different in Paris. According to Le Parisien, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is studying several leads to face major expenses related to health measures.

Among the leads considered? Increasing notary fees, as well as the residence tax for secondary residences, and even the tourist tax for Airbnb bookings. Yet, the daily newspaper says the City of Paris is not about to change Parisians’ property tax. So far, nothing is official, but scenarios are to be presented for the next Paris Council. A vote for the 2021 budget has been settled for December.

Another lead studied likely to be polemical? Making scooters, motorbikes and other motorized two-wheelers pay for parking in order to reduce pollution and find new financial resources.

So far, this is only a lead, even though it is seriously considered. The definitive decision will be made in the next few weeks, by early January undoubtedly” ecology deputy mayor entrusted with trips David Belliard told Le Parisien.

As the newspaper fairly says, about 100,000 motorcyclists drive every day in Paris, that currently features about 50,000 free parking lots devoted to motorized two-wheelers. The only ban for these two-wheelers so far? Parking on the sidewalk, or they can be assigned a €135 fine.

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