A place in Paris soon to be named after Samuel Paty

Published by Manon C. · Photos by My B. · Published on 17 November 2020 at 16h37 · Updated on 19 November 2020 at 17h44
Gathered today, the Council of Paris passed the project proposed by Paris en Commun wishing to name a place in Paris after Samuel Paty, as a tribute to the professor assassinated last month.

A month after Samuel Paty’s assassination in Conflans Sainte-Honorine, the Council of Paris gathering this week from Tuesday to Thursday, wished to pay tribute to the teacher.

After observing a minute’s silence, head of Paris en Commun Rémi Feraud has then proposed to rename a place in Paris after Samuel Paty.

Terrorists wanted to attack our country, its values, its freedom of speech. The power of the thoughts, ideas, fights against obscurantism and all forms of fundamentalism, this is what scares spirits blinded by hatred and intolerance. But Paris will remain the capital of freedom. We shall pay tribute to those, like Samuel Paty, teaching their students principles of the freedom of speech and secularism” Rémi Feraud explained.

The project has been passed by the Council of Paris, but environmentalists caused a polemic saying the rules of the Council of Paris prevents from renaming a place of the city after someone who died less than 5 years ago.

A rule from 1938 says that it is not allowed to name a place or a street after someone that died less than five years ago” Paris green councilor Fatoumata Koné said, regretting this rule not to be respected “at any of the council”, as it “could enable not to react off the cuff”. But environmentalist David Belliard is sorry for the “political instrumentalization” of the right that is “sickening”: “Along with my group, I obviously voted FOR this proposition” he tweeted.

As for Anne Hidalgo, she reacted explaining it was a non-written rulewe often go over in the consensus when faced with a major event like this one”.

Tweet reads: “Terrorists wanted to attack the freedom of speech. Let them know Paris will remain the city of freedom. Remi Feraud. Our group asked the Council of Paris for a Parisian place to be named after Samuel Paty. They agreed.”

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