When are bars set to reopen? Not before February 2021?

Published by Julie M. · Photos by Julie M. · Published on 25 November 2020 at 18h33
New hard blow for bar owners who are regretting Emmanuel Macron’s silence during his latest address on November 24, 2020. Even though restaurants are said to be able to reopen from January 20, 2020, rumor has it that bars could remain closed until February 2021.

Last night, Emmanuel Macron presented his famous 3-step lockdown exit strategy starting Saturday with the reopening of stores and places of worship, as well as a slight increase in the trip limit for outdoor workouts.

Even though December 15 will mark the end of the derogatory trip certificate and the reopening of the cultural sector – including movie theaters, theaters and museums – restaurants will have to wait for January 20, 2020 to reopen and only if the health situation allows it and if data are good.

But a few sectors seem to have been left out during this address! Even though they have been alluded to, the French President has given no further indication as for the reopening date of theme parks, night clubs, dance clubs and bars.

As the PM is expected to hold a press brief on Thursday November 26, 2020 to bring a few details as of the head of state’s announcements, our peers from Europe 1 announce that this November 25 in the morning, the reopening of bars is not considered before February 1, 2021.

In the meantime, Emmanuel Macron has announced new measures will be created to help them overcome the crisis, specifically supports that will be reinforced up to 20% of their turnover last year. A poor compensation for business owners that are only asking to do their job.

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