Coronavirus: several countries across the world in their third lockdown

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 28 December 2020 at 13h27
The coronavirus epidemic keeps on spreading across the world and while the current period is marked by celebrations and therefore gatherings, several countries across the world are starting their third lockdown.

Things always come in threes? In Europe, the second wave of coronavirus is soon to be followed by a third one. What about new lockdowns? As vaccine campaigns are progressively beginning, several countries have decided to go back in lockdown for the third time during this period of the year paced by celebrations and gatherings.

England: following the detection of a new variant of the virus spreading faster, several alert areas set in the south-east are in their third lockdown since December 20. It quickly followed the second one. The city of London is one of the places concerned by this restriction.

Ireland: because of an exponential growth in Covid-19 cases, the country has started on December 24, 2020 their third lockdown. It is set to last up to January 12, 2021. For Christmas, visits have been allowed until December 26th. Schools remain open, as some non-necessary stores. Yet, January sales are postponed.

Austria: announced before the Holidays, this third Austrian lockdown has started on December 26, 2020 for almost a month. Yet, starting January 18, Austrians getting an antigenic test that turns out negative can enjoy an early lockdown exit: stores, restaurants and schools will be open to them.

Israel: after two lockdowns in spring and September, the country is back in lockdown from Sunday December 27, 2020 for at least two weeks. This new lockdown is similar to France’s lockdown: it is ban to go further than one kilometer from one’s home, exemptions are granted to go first-necessity shopping, workout, consult a doctor, as well as get a vaccine. This decision follows a new increase in coronavirus cases.

And what about France? Even though Olivier Véran has been reassuring the French denying lockdown between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, he yet assures he does not rule a third lockdown out.

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