Covid: Macron’s leads to speed the vaccine campaign up in France

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 6 January 2021 at 10h57 · Updated on 6 January 2021 at 16h02
This Tuesday January 5, 2021 French President Macron unveiled his leads to speed the Covid vaccine campaign up as it started late December to Touraine elected representatives. Simplified consent in nursing homes, number of vaccine centers per department… here is everything you need to know!

After a slow start, is the Covid vaccine campaign about to speed up? This is what Emmanuel Macron wishes as he took action on Tuesday January 5, 2021 meeting many local elected representatives in Touraine, Tours. For two hours, the French President has presented leads considered by the government to improve the vaccine campaign in France.

As reported by several elected representatives on site, President Macron said consent will be simplified in nursing homes to vaccinate quicker: “The President told us there will be two stages: one until March to vaccine the most fragile people and caregivers, including simplification of the consent guide in nursing homes” head of Indre-et-Loire Department Council President Jean-Gérard Paumier told AFP.

He went on saying the vaccine strategy looks a lot like what is done for other diseases such as influenza: “Then, a much wider strategy – he called flu-like – as it is node for influenza, with vaccines easier to store” he said.

Another issue addressed by the French President, the opening of vaccine centers on a departmental scale. All in all, for this first phase, 5 to 6 vaccine centers are expected to open in each department of the country in January. These centers are then expected to be inspired by screen-test centers. The idea? Created “small units” instead of setting up centers in gyms or elsewhere, as reported by elected representatives to BFMTV. One goal: January 20, to organize the “territorial lattice” expected to lead to the installation of these centers.

Another idea Emmanuel Macron had: launching a communication campaign to inform people: “the quicker we can vaccinate people wishing to be, the better” he said. But it is not that vaccine will have a positive impact to halt the virus that it will stop the crisis. It will take months, even years, to financially and socially recover.

For the record, this Tuesday January 5, Olivier Véran also shared details as for the improvement of the vaccine campaign. Amid statements, the possibility for firefighters and home helpers aged 50+ to get vaccinated from now, and the possibility for people aged 75+ to be so by the end of the month, the possibility for the French wishing to get vaccinated to sign up on a data base, or the soon opening of 500 to 600 vaccine centers, also suggested by President Macron.

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