Covid: four-week restrictions, “to this stage”, Macron is to address “before the end of the month”

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 6 April 2021 at 11h38
This Saturday April 3, France has entered a new period of restrictions for four weeks “at this stage”, according to Gabriel Attal. This Sunday, the government spokesman said the Head of State might speak again by the end of the month.

The French know it well. Lockdown has been announced for four weeks, and six weeks later, restrictions are made easier… In this third version of lockdown, “inside with my own, outside as a citizen”, the government has taken up the challenge of overcoming the third coronavirus epidemic wave in four weeks, and has announced they are launching mass vaccination in teachers, and extending it “in May” to other second-line staff.

Spokesman Gabriel Attal yet wished to recall the four weeks of restrictions should be seen as a horizon to reach: “These measures have been announced for four weeks. It is not expected for them to go longer than 4 weeks at this stage [but] nothing should be ruled out for the future. […] The French President has announced a calendar. If this calendar has been announced it is because we know, we believe, each and everyone’s effort will enable us to keep it”, he said.

On LCI, Gabriel Attal said the government is “starting to see signals that can make us optimistic about measures that have been instated” in the 19 departments involved since March, “including an early stabilization of the epidemic. […] All this encourages to keep on making efforts”.

Tweet reads: “Exiting lockdown in 4 weeks, is it really possible? Gabriel Attal: ‘Measures have been announced for 4 weeks. I deeply think they will work. […] All this encourages to keep on making efforts’.”

Efforts made by the French grow difficult to bear when news about clandestine dinners with ministers break out. According to an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Le Figaro and France Info, 46% of the French do not intend to thoroughly comply with restrictions, and 7% are firmly against. Emmanuel Macron seems to be taking the reins of communication back, with an upcoming address by late April to announce good… or bad news.

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