Health pass: vaccine, negative test, natural immunity, how to get it?

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 9 August 2021 at 11h48
It is official, the health pass is now an indispensable key to make the most of places from life before Covid. But how can you get it?

As the Delta variant is spreading in France, the country is moving to another step in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Time has come for the health pass to get extended. This precious key is to first enable people to access some events and venues, including fairs, stadiums. Now, it is extended to more daily life places.

But what are the criteria this health pass requires? Is the access only reserved for vaccinees? No, the Covid vaccine is not compulsory and you can get the health pass depending on three scenarios:

Vaccination: one shall be fully vaccinated, namely get their second injection if the vaccin requires two doses.

  • 7 days after the 2nd injection for double-injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
  • 4 weeks after injection for single-shot vaccines (Johnson & Johnson)
  • 7 days after injection in people with Covid history (1 injection only)

Negative test: one shall have passed a test within the past 72 hours and the test shall be negative.

Natural immunity: one shall have passed a negative test within over two weeks but within the past two months.

The health pass is available on the TousAntiCovid application.

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