Coronavirus – Fifth wave: Gabriel Attal’s latest announcements

Published by Laurent P., Rizhlaine F. · Published on 24 November 2021 at 14h38
France has officially entered the fifth coronavirus epidemic wave. So, to try and curb the rise in Covid-19-related contaminations, Gabriel Attal has announced the implementation of new restrictions. Third dose extended, reinforced health pass, or return of compulsory facemask… Here is more on the matter!

The coronavirus epidemic in France is resurging. The country officially enters the fifth epidemic wave, as expected by scientists who expected a rise in cases this Fall. This Wednesday November 24, 2021, a Defense Council was gathered. It is usually followed by a report from the government’s spokesman Gabriel Attal. Shall one expect new restrictions? And if so, which ones?

Among the announcements made at the end of the Defense council, or at least leads considered by the government, concrete announcements being made this Thursday, stands the speeding up of the third dose of vaccine extended to a wider group. The government also considers a booster-shot for all the French who have already started their vaccination scheme, and is working on a calendar for each age group. The generalization of this third dose is recommended by the Scientific Committee. A debate is also going on as for the conditioning of the health pass to this booster shot.

The return of compulsory facemask-wearing outdoor and indoor is also one of the leads the government wishes to pursue. So far, venues subject to the health pass were allowed to lift this restriction. To this measure is added the reinforcement of the health pass “to restrict non-vaccinated more than vaccinees”, the Minister explains. “These guidelines and likely measures will be presented this afternoon to the presidents of the parliamentarian groups at the National Assembly and the Senate, and tomorrow morning to the groups of local representatives”, Attal goes on.

He adds: “furthermore, ministers have been asked to arrange this afternoon and tomorrow morning their sector on these guidelines and measures we might make”. He concludes: “After consultation, the Health Minister will hold a briefing tomorrow afternoon (Editor’s note: Thursday November 25) to announce measures regarding these consultations and work”.

The government also expects the country can make it through the new epidemic wave the same way it did this past summer, without resorting to lockdown; the health pass being an alternative to lockdown. The decisive indicator remains the occupancy rate in hospitals.

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