Vaccine pass: places requiring it in France from Monday

Published by Graziella L. · Published on 22 January 2022 at 09h54
Jean Castex announced the vaccine pass is to come into effect on January 24, 2022. Many places will then be closed to non-vaccinated people. Here is more about places it involves.

Durig his address held on Thursday January 20, Prime Minister Jean Castex said the health pass is to become a vaccine pass from Monday January 24, 2022. Consequently, non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to test to get a pass, and many places will be closed to them.

After assessment of the bill at the National Assembly, and the Senate, this January 21, 2022, the Constitutional Council approved the implementation of the vaccine pass. What places does this vaccinal pass apply to? It will not apply to new places where the health pass was not required already.

Bars and restaurants

So far open to antigen or PCR test, restaurants will be closed to non-vaccinated people. The vaccine pass will also be required to access outdoor terraces.

Movie theaters and places of culture

Places of leisure will also require this new vaccinal pass. The population will need to get a complete vaccination scheme, namely three doses. In ski resorts, the health pass might be replaced by the vaccinal pass for ski lifts.

Means of transportation

Although metro, RER and TER are to be excluded from the vaccinal pass, traveling by train or plane will be reserved for vaccinees.


Upon prefectorial decision, shopping malls will ask for the vaccine pass, excluding if the law says otherwise. 

As for political meetings, promoters will decide whether they require the pass or not.

Health facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes will ask for a health pass and not the vaccine pass. As for companies, no pass will be required to go to work, the measure being abandoned by the government.

Places of education are not involved, teens being excluded from the vaccine pass under the age of 16. But, after-school activities can be subject to presentation of the health pass.

Practical information

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