Shoe pyramid 2019 in Paris, Place de la République

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The new and 25th edition of the Shoe Pyramid in Paris is held on Saturday September 28, 2019. Meet once again at Place de la République to throw your shoes and protest against the use of anti-personnel mines and explosive weaponry in populated area.

Committed for over 25 years against anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions, Humanity and Inclusion (or Handicap International in France) invites everyone to come and throw their shoes to protest.

This year, the Shoe Pyramid is taking place in France on Saturday September 28, 2019. In Paris, head to the Place de la République to take part in this symbolic gesture aiming at protesting against these cruel weapons and show solidarity to victims.

Since 2009, there has been less victims of the cluster munitions. Between January 2017 and August 2018, 289 persons have been the victims of cluster munitions and 971 in 2016.

Yet, the fight against these weapons keeps on going. At the time when, in Syrian, Libyan or Yemeni cities, bombings do over 90% of civilian casualties, Humanity & Inclusion indisputably remains on the trend.

The Shoe Pyramid is the occasion to come and drop a pair of shoes symbolizing the foot, leg or the life of thousands of innocent victims of a mine explosion or the explosion of a cluster munition.

Since 1995, French and European citizens meet every year in Paris, Lyon, Nice… to ask the prohibition of cluster munitions by signing the petition and throwing their shoes as a protestation gesture against cluster munitions and show solidarity for the victims of these weapons. This year, the public will also be taken to the heart of immersive experiences.

Through virtual reality, mine-clearing demonstrations and meeting with professionals on the field, everyone will be led to take action at their own scale to say no to bombing civilians.

This upcoming September 28 come to Paris to support a good cause!

© Humanity & Inclusion / Handicap International

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 28 September 2019



    Place de la République
    75011 Paris 11

    Métro République Beaux Arts


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