The Michelin Guide France 2018 the results: the new starred chefs in Paris and Île de France

Expected like the Messiah by many chefs and restaurateurs, the results of the Michelin Guide France 2018 have been released this Monday February 5, 2018, bringing its share of happiness and smiles to the 18 Ile de France restaurants.

Genuine tradition in the world of French gastronomy, The Michelin Guide France, out from February 9, 2018, released its results 2018 this Monday February 5 for a press conference held at La Seine Musicale in Hauts-de-Seine. The ceremony started by a vibrant tribute to the pope of French gastronomy, Paul Bocuse, who died this past January 20.

The event then revealed the results. This year, the guide includes 621 starred restaurants which means 5 more than last year. Among the 50 new 1-star restaurants, there are 7 in the North-Western region, 6 in the North-East, 18 in the Ile de France region, 10 in South-West France and 9 in South-East.

In Paris and Ile de France then, the Guide Michelin 2018 decided to award 18 Ile de France restaurants with one star (15 in Paris and 3 in the Paris region):

  • Mavrommatis (5th)
  • Emporio Armani Caffè (6th)
  • Quinsou (6th)
  • Loiseau Rive Gauche (7th)
  • Pertinence (7th)
  • Copenhague (8th)
  • L'Ecrin (8th)
  • Le Chateaubriand (11th)
  • Table - Bruno Verjus (12th)
  • Montée (14th)
  • Alan Geaam (16th)
  • Comice (16th)
  • Etude (16th)
  • L'Arcane (18th)
  • Ken Kawasaki (18th)
  • Jean Chauvel (Boulogne-Billancourt, 92)
  • Le Quincangrogne (Dampmart, 77)
  • Le Domaine de la Corniche (Rolleboise, 78)

This year, in terms of beautiful awards, two chefs get three stars: Marc Veyrat (La Maison des Bois in Manigod, Haute-Savoie) and Christophe Bacquié (Hotel du Castellet, Le Castellet, Var).

Let’s recall that 5 criteria are taken into account by the jury members: the quality of the products; a chef’s mastery of flavour and cooking techniques; the chef’s ability to imbue the cuisine with his or her culinary “personality;” and consistency between visits. Chefs are more into a local menu, their own products (chefs become gardeners) and a short menu.

Speaking of this vintage 2018, Head of Michelin guides Michael Ellis said:”Talent is here, everywhere in France. Inspiration, innovation and creativity radiate in the plates. Chefs of varied nationalities came to set in France. France is blessed in terms of its products, this is what makes the particularity of French gastronomy”.

Discover the new starred restaurant of this year in Paris and Ile de France on the Michelin Guide France website.

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Michelin Guide France 2018
Out on February 9, 2018
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Caroline J.
Last updated on 5 February 2018

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