Covid: Star Wars Day 2021, celebrate May the 4th at home

Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 30 April 2021 at 14h08 · Updated on 30 April 2021 at 14h10
Despite coronavirus, Star Wars fans are expected for World’s Star Wars Day on May the 4th, a world day devoted to the space saga created by Georges Lucas on Tuesday May the 4th 2021. An event that is extended to May 5th, given the situation, with many digital entertainments. Let's have a look on the activities and experiments around the franchise held on the occasion.

The force is stronger than Covid! If you happen to be a Star Wars fan, you surely know that the space saga created by Georges Lucas is celebrated every year in May. For May the 4th, World’s Star Wars Day, held on Tuesday May 4, 2021 (hence the pun), various events, activities and other experiences are proposed to families across the world, digitally speaking as the world is on lockdown.

And since we are fans of the saga too and that we love making things easy for you, we offer you a selection of the activities and events to discover for this exceptional day! And may the force be with you…

May the 4th program, World’s Star Wars Day:
(article updated depending on announcements)

  • Disney+ celebrates Star Wars Day

Disney+ subscribers can make the most of this day, many films and series about the space saga: Star Wars episods 1 to 8, The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, and behind the scene report... You will be ready to face the day. Also note that for this special day, Disney + launches a brand-new series, The Bad Batch, available from May 4.

  • At-home entertainments provided by the official website

Because of the pandemic, you are not likely to enjoy entertaintments at your local bar or other festivities down the streets... But it does not mean you cannot celebrate the saga at home. And Star Wars official website got it since it provides at-home activities to enjoy on your own or with your family, for an exclusive moment at the heart of the far, far away galaxy.

If you are a cook, whip up some Mando Macarons discovered in season 2 of The Mandalorian, the one the Child steals from a Nevarro school students and later vomis after a looping session in Razor Crest. You can also try your hand at blue milk, discover in the 8th instalment of the space sag at the movies, or make some pudding and other Star Wars-inspired cookies.
If you happen to be more creative, you can also craft a Boba Fett tissue box, or decorate planters Mandalorian style. Anyway, there is something for everyone!

  • May the 4th Be With You special day

If you thought fans across the world were not able to host big gatherings even confined at home, you were wrong... In 202, on that special day, New-York Comic Con organizing company Reedpop and Star Wars Celebration offered you to take part in a virtual event from your home: An Online Revelry: May the 4th Be With You and Revenge on the 5th, inviting you to take part in many online entertainments on May 4 and 5, 2020 such as Q&As with several script writers and voice-actors from the saga, as well as live tweets and other cosplays. An event likely to return in a way or another this year. Let us hope it happens.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 4 May 2021 to 5 May 2021

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