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The Bureau ouvre un nouvel espace de coworking haut de gamme dans le 8e

The Bureau opens a top notch coworking space in Paris 8th arrondissement

Premium coworking space The Bureau opens a second address this upcoming May 15 in Paris 8th arrondissement. A deluxe place featuring a café and a spa.
La piscine Molitor, située dans le 16ème arrondissement de Paris

Staycation: unique experience in Paris most beautiful hotels!

If you too, you want to extend the weekend by living a new experience out and especially on Sunday evenings, Staycation invites you to discover unique and unforgettable places… in Paris! Enjoy low-cost deals so that you can finally stop by in a palace or in a chic hotel on Sundays…
Timescope, la borne qui fait voyager dans le temps

Timescope, the VR terminal that makes Paris travel in time

Travelling back in time and discover the Paris of the Middle-Age, it’s possible! Welcome to Timescope, the binoculars that make you travel in time… Visit Paris like you’ve never done before!