Paris Olympics 2024: breakdance, climbing, skate and surf as new invited sports

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 21 February 2019 at 12h26 · Updated on 3 March 2020 at 10h39
Paris Olympics 2024 invite breakdance, surf, climbing and skate as new sports. The International Olympic Committee hasn’t validated the selection yet.

Feel like seeing new sports at the next Olympics in Paris in 2024? Really, we do too! Paris 2024 organizing committee officially proposes this Thursday four new disciplines, invited to the program of the future Olympics. Organizers make innovation a point of honor by proposing disciplines that are rather… improbable!

With the wild will to make these Olympics “breakthrough Olympics”, disciplines such as surf, climbing, skate and even breakdance are sports officially signed as guests. The committee expects they can be completed like the 28 other disciplines already present. Given that places are limited (10500) to welcome athletes, collective sports have almost no chance to be on the invited sports list. Moreover, the other condition for these guest disciplines to be listed on the menu is that they require additional installations. For surf for instance, cities such as Biarritz or Hossegor already plane to host the discipline.

Paris Olympics 2024 organizing committee chairman Tony Estanguet explains this choice since these sports “answer three criteria: they need no construction of additional sites with a limited number of athletes, they speak to the new generations and they meet the identity of Paris 2024.” As many criteria that should break the codes of the Olympics program that have to be renewed every edition to fit the time period.

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