Paris Olympics 2024: the Place de la Concorde turned into an olympic stadium

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 3 March 2020 at 10h36
Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organizing Committee unveils the first pictures of the upcoming Olympic stadium. And surprise: it’s at the Place de la Concorde in Paris that a 35.000-seat stadium will house urban sports such as break-dance or BMX.

The place de la Concorde is being transformed for Paris 2024 Olympics into a gigantic Olympic stadium! Paris 2024 Olympic Games Organizing Committee presents the first pictures of its projects for an Olympic stadium in Paris. The structure is said to cohabit in one emblematic venue the new urban sports planned.

Set at the heart of Paris at the former Place Louis XV, the upcoming Olympic arena already appears as a strong symbol for Paris 2024. So, the choice of the Place de la Concorde isn’t left to hazard. It’s “the perfect hyphen between the world’s most beautiful avenue, the Champs-Elyséesand the jardin des Tuileries”, the Committee has said. Yet, you have to wait until January 8, 2020 to get the final decision of the IOC to hope and see the project come to life.

This exclusive setting is bound to reinforce the spectacular and popular dimension of the project. Here’s an exceptional place to house disciplines that are at the level of the place and event. Because, so far, none of them has been on the program of the greatest international competition ever. On the occasion, organizers wish to hold basket 3x3, BMX free-style or even breakdance, skate and climbing competitions.

While the Olympic deadline is just around the corner, we have to catch up to be ready by 2024! And friends, be ready: these are only the preparations for the big party to come!

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