Paris 2024: Tony Estanguet is still confident about the calendar

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 22 September 2021 at 13h50
After major announcements as for the Olympics calendar, head of Paris 2024 Organizing Committee Tony Estanguet told Le Monde goals will be achieved "in time". Tickets, urban development projects, and even search for partners: the calendar is to be observed.

Still no hitch in the organizing of Paris 2024 Olympics. This Tuesday September 21, 2021, head of Paris 2024 Organizing Committee Tony Estanguet told Le Monde about the many challenges related to the coordination of the upcoming games, three years before the deadline. "So far, we keep up the pace", the former Olympian reassures.

First of all, Paris 2024 OCOG president has detailed the ongoing Olympics urban development projects and infrastructures. On that matter, the Organization Committee has wished to go easy: 95% of the final project relies on already existing sites or temporary ones. Other works are to be completed yet. There is still the medias' village, the athletes' village and the Olympic aquatic center to build. Two worksites are to start in 2021 to observe the deadline. "The Solidéo (the company entrusted with the managing of the Olympics works) is observing the deadline we have set in 2018, and we are on schedule", the OCOG president told Le Monde. "There is still some time left, we will have to be extremely cautious", interministerial delegate for the Olympics Michel Cadot estimated this past June.

Looking for partners and ticketing goals

As for partners - vital economic resource for organizing Paris 2024Paris 2024 OCOG president intends to be reassuring again. In the 1.1 billion euros to get from private partners, 600 million have been already given through contracts with French groups such as Sanofi and Decathlon, and the Cisco - a company specialized in cybersecurity. It represents 55% of the amount wanted. Tony Estanguet wishes to reach the two thirds of the goal by early 2022, telling Le Monde he is "puts [his] energy" to make it.

 Another major issue addressed by Tony Estanguet: the ticketing service of Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As Tokyo Olympics could not welcome any viewer, they have denied themselves a big deal of the potential incomes. The goal for Paris 2024 is to reach 1.5 billion euros of income thanks to tickets. The opening is scheduled for 2023. So far, no counter-indication is to change the goal, or at least, as long as the health crisis enables to welcome crowds within arenas. Another scenario including a limited gauge is not on the OCOG's agenda for now.

“[Paris] Games will go well in 2024, whatever happens in Tokyo”. So has said head of Paris 2024 organizing Committee Tony Estanguet. In an interview for Le Monde released this Wednesday January 27, 2021 Paris 2024 head has reminded the calendar of the upcoming Paris Games was not impacted by issues impacting the organization of Tokyo Games because of the Covid-19 health crisis.

At the same time, the former Olympian said that the construction of the Olympic village has not – so far – got behind schedule because of the health crisis. In 2021, the OCOG mostly plans to “define the concept of the opening and closing ceremonies”. Many festivities are scheduled in the heart of Paris.

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