Valentine's Day 2022: Romantic experiences for two at VirtualRoom

Published by Elodie D., Laurent P. · Published on 3 February 2022 at 11h26
How about playing in VR in Paris with your friends? For Valentine's Day, we have found THE VR room that will shake up your outings in Paris. VirtualRoom, set in the 11th arrondissement, expects you on February 14, 2022... Nicer than a solo VR game, more immersive than an escape game, VirtualRoom is absolutely great!

If VR (or Virtual Reality) fascinates, it is still hard to play VR at home and with good conditions. While the Sony Playstation VR can’t enable to move in space, the Oculus Rift Quant by HTC VIVE needs a large area to move and be fluid in your movements (what lack Parisians!)… And without talking about how hard it is to play as a group: buying several VR helmets and be all together in one virtual world, it is only possible in manga! (or not!)

Open in 2017, Virtual Room is a VR game room that does not look like the others. At Virtual Room, players do not come to test VR games, but to live a true experience out, halfway between an escape game and a virtual treasure hunt, let us say it straight, it is really great! And for Valentine's Day, there is nothing quite like experiencing adventures with your other half.

VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !

Gather a team (from 2 to 4 players), you will have to save the world. Set in individual 3x3m cubicles (so that you do not hurt anyone), equipped with a VIVE helmet, you are “teleported” to a virtual world. Don’t we look amazing?

VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester !VirtualRoom, le jeu d'aventure en VR à tester ! 

In this world, you are a team of time explorers in the future and you have to save the universe. A small voice walks us through the mission: colleagues have “forgotten” objects in their missions, creating cracks in space and time, threatening the world… You have to visit the varied time eras to find the lost items.

Between the treasure hunt, the escape game and the adventure game, Virtual Room makes us live wonderful experiences out. We talk through the helmet and we quickly get the hang of it. You have to find the hidden objects, shoot enemies and decode enigmas. From the very beginning, we’re captivated by the sets and we completely forgot we’re limited in time.

For skilled players, missions really (but really) make us think about T.I.M.E STORIES, the board game that makes us crazy with the space and time cracks. If in TIME STORIES, avoiding the world to fall apart is nerve-racking, at Virtual Room, the rescue mission is physical.

At some point, one of our fellows tells us: “Wait, it’s not everyday that we can gaze upon the Earth from the Moon, it’s beautiful”. And it is, Virtual Room is visually awe-inspiring, with just splendid decors in addition to the game, that could be even better if longer!

45 minutes later, we’re back in our era, tired but happy. Verdict? We loved it. We must come back, and it’s perfect since the team has just created a 2nd mission:

Of course, we ask what studio is behind this experience. With several room around the world, we think about a Canadian studio… Not even, we owe Virtual Room to the collaboration between Jean-Louis Bouthinon (The Escape Hunt) and Monsieur K, a Parisian studio specialized in 3D.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 20 June 2020



    35 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
    75011 Paris 11

    M°5 - Bréguet-Sabin ou Richard Lenoir

    tarif par personne, heure creuse: €25
    tarif par personne, heures pleines: €30

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    sessions de 10h à 22h le week-end, et de 10h à 21h la semaine.