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Le Baron’s revival in Paris

Published on 4 October 2017 By Rizhlaine F.
Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Practical information

6, av.Marceau
75008 Paris 8

La Baron, a club that used to be one of the symbol of Parisian nights, arises from its ashes and offers a brand-new and unique concept.

Le Baron and its red lights. This nightclub experienced its golden age before petering out and almost being forgotten. But not for long! In the hands of Benjamin Artis, also at the helm of Yeeels, Le Baron arises from its ashes and reveals a very new facet but first and foremost a new concept that is groundbreaking in the world of Parisian nights.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

If everything comes to an end, revival is also good. So, good riddance to red neon and hello thousand atmospheres! After crossing a hall of mirrors, we walk through a door decorated by a street-artist and we discover a gigantic bar.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Bottles spread on colorful rows while mixologists already work preparing cocktails thought up by Barman Chef Monsieur Serge. Let’s forget about whisky-soda (or not, if you insist), and let ourselves be tempted by signature creations such as Le Marquis de Sade (Black Label whisky, ginger, lemon, sugar syrup and bitter Peychaud) or the Baiser inattendu [unexpected kiss] (Gin, Saint-Germain liquor and fresh raspberries).

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Regarding tables, this is where we discover the second big novelty of this ultra-modern Le Baron. If the DJ booth remains at the same spot, displaying the famous top hat, emblem of this legendary venue, everything has changed. We discover cozy seats behind which we find self-service shelves with alcohols. This is where everything starts for good.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Glasses meet all your needs, softs and hard alcohols, here, you take a seat with friends and you help yourself. You can enjoy then a very friendly evening. And what about the bill, how does it work? Well, you pay for every bottle opened and softs are free.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Actually, the new Le Baron is bit like a Do It Yourself bar-club. Owner Benjamin Artis knows nightclubs flaws, evenings snags, these details we would gladly do without. So, he found the right solution. Take a seat and a number is displayed above you to show that it’s reserved. Help yourself at the mini and forget about how hard it used to be to catch the barman’s attention at the counter. But if you fancy a cocktail, only push a button so that a waiter arrives in no time and takes your order.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

Say goodbye to the queue at the cloakroom. Seats are equipped with a safe within which you can put your bags, your sweats or whatever you want to have with you but without having to take everywhere. A main cloakroom remains to take the most unwieldy things such as crash helmets. Say goodbye to dead batteries since USB ports are also provided.

Le Baron, le bar-club qui se renouvelle

To better understand the concept, have a look at the video hereunder (in French):

Practical information
Le Baron (website in French)
Open from Monday to Saturday
From 11:45 p.m. to 6 a.m.
6 avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris

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