Concrete closing party, the last parties on the quay

Published by Alexandre G. · Updated on 19 July 2019 at 15h22 · Published on 19 July 2019 at 15h10
Emblematic club of the Parisian electro scene, Concrete officially closes on July 22, 2019. A “Grand Closing” is planned to permanently acknowledge the end of the Quai de la Rapée barge on Friday July 19, Saturday 20 and Friday 21.

It’s one of the most essential temples of the Parisian night that is disappearing. Concrete club is officially and permanently closing on July 22, 2019. Set on a barge by the Quai de la Rapée, not far from the Gare de Lyon, it’s one of the most emblematic venues of the Parisian night that confirms the permanent ending of its services, after fighting for several years against closing threats.

After 8 years of good and faithful service and countless memorable parties, the Surpr!ze agency – that rented the barge from the “Bateau de Paris-Ile-de-France” (BPIF) company – is finally done with Concrete. As a matter of fact, since January 2019, the company has been refusing the renewal of the exploitation without any explanation. In the meantime, after mobilizing 21,000 people with a petition, the organizes got the official support of the Paris City Hall. A ludicrous hope that ends with a failure and a plea in bar so much the conditions required by the BPIF to take over the venue were excessive.

Terrible news for Parisian night lovers while a wave of closing threats is hitting many venues enjoyed by night-owls in Paris. And to cap off the adventure, Concrete team has already announced a long weekend of non-stop partying from July 19 to 21, 2019 with a “Grand Closing”. One last goodbye likely to be unforgettable.

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On 22 July 2019



    Port de la Rapée
    75012 Paris 12

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