Virage: the festive venue underneath Paris beltway reopens

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 25 July 2022 at 09h21
Calling all night owls! Northern Paris is to have Virage, a new festive venue where music and dance rub shoulders with each other’s creative expressions. Meet under the beltway in the 17th arrondissement to discover this new burning location by Bonjour/Bonsoir. After being temporarily closed following complaints from locals, Virage is to reopen on Wednesday July 27.

After Kilomètre25 and Périph’, discover a new festive location likely to be the talk of Paris. Its name? Virage! Initiated by Bonjour/Bonsoir, the agency specialized in the conception and exploitation of lively places such as Badaboum and night bar Panic Room, this new festive spot expects night-owls to make you have very wide musical nights.

Set under the beltway in the north of Paris 17th arrondissement, Virage is described as an “open festive, inclusive, sustainable place where music and dance rub shoulders with each other’s creative expressions, exuberant identities and the joy of being together”.

As for the program, it was entrusted to DJ Rag, Badaboum’s artistic director Benjamin Charvet, and Panic Room’s artistic director Samy Znimi. Without surprise, Virage has concocted a great lineup with 100 artists and groups announced for this first summer edition.

On the menu? Names from the local and international scenes. Get ready to enjoy Barbi(e)turix, D.KO Records, Dure Vie, House of Underground, or even La Mamie’s and Wet For Me. As for artists, Chloé, Irène Drésel, Louise Chen, Mangabey, Damiano Von Eckert, Fantastic Man, Luca Lozano and Teki Latex will mix at Virage.


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Following complaints from locals, the venue had to temporarily close this past July 1st. "Temporary closed": this is how Bonjour/Bonsoir announced Virage is closed until further notice. "Last weekend, during our soft opening, lots of nearby residents reported major noise nuisance they hastily attributed to Virage business", the promoters explains in a release this July 1st. "In compliance with the authorities, we have decided to hold Virage to proove - by deep impact studies - our venue cannot be held responsible for the nuisance endured by residents so far", before adding: "We will be back soon we promise".

In a new release out on July 21, Virage announced they are back and reopening from Wednesday July 27. "For its temporary closure, Virage carried out several conclusive impact studies in partnership with locals. The place's sound system has been settled so the audience can enjoy premium sound experience whilst protecting the area from likely outbreaks", the organizers explain.

Au programme de cette semaine de réouverture ? Craigie Knowes, S.Telecom et House Of Underground le 27 juillet, puis Adam Pits, Bella Sarris et Hewan Aman le 28 juillet. Suivront OCB aka Driss Dennis et Bande de Filles le 29 juillet, sans oublier Chloé, Damon Jee, Sina XX et Pepiita le 30 juillet.

On the menu for the reopening week? Craigie Knowes, S. Telecom and House of Undergrounds on July 27, then Adam Pits, Bella Sarris and Hewan Aman on July 28. Then will follow OCB aka Driss Dennis and Bande de Filles on July 29, without forgetting Chloé, Damon Jee, Sina XX and Pepiita on July 30.

So, are you ready to enjoy the soft folly of Parisian nights again thanks to Virage? Book tickets here!

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Starts 27 July 2022



    26 Rue Hélène et François Missoffe
    75017 Paris 17

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