Le Mois d’Août de la Culture: this summer’s latest cultural event in Paris

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 7 May 2020 at 14h57
Le Mois d’Août de la Culture, this is the latest event created in Paris. After confinement and the closure of all cultural sites from March to June, Paris wants to give a major spot to artists with a magnificent festival to live outdoor and always in small groups. Keep reading to know more.

It is in an interview with Télérama that Paris deputy mayor for culture Christophe Girard has dropped the news: as the festival Paris l'été has been cancelled in 2020, Parisians will have this Le Mois d’Août de la Culture that I am planning. I hope the main municipal cultural places will be part of it. We will have concerts, dance, movies, installations and shows, especially outside, in parks, gardens or small squares”.

He adds: “we are putting up maps [of parks and gardens], arrondissement by arrondissement to know where music, theater, readings will be performed”.

A sort of ode to culture that is expected to shine a light on Paris’ art companies for short outdoor performances in order to uphold social distancing. This breath of fresh air is expected to promote artists in residence in Paris cultural places who have been stuck at home during confinement and who have not been able to present their works to Parisians. A way to relaunch the machine anticipating the cultural calendar in September thought up a new way.

The deputy mayor goes on and highlights social distancing in the repositioning of culture: “We must get out of these cultural industry criteria and reeducate ourselves to see and be in the discover, take the time to walk around. Museums must rethink massification. We grew too damaged. And the cultural democratization won nothing. I hate it that we often hear this today: I “did” this exhibition. As if it was a sporting exploit! What does it mean?”

We are looking forward to knowing the program of this lovely cultural summer awaiting in Paris.

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