I Puritani at Paris Opéra Bastille

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 11 June 2019 at 15h07
Music and Vincenzo Bellini enthusiasts are expected from September 7 to October 5, 2019 to discover I Puritani at Paris Opéra Bastille. The occasion to dive into the very last opera written by Norma composer.

Opera must make audiences weep, tremble and die”… Vincenzo Bellini said to libretto writer Carlo Pepoli. We must say this sentence has never been truer when it comes to I Puritani that the Opéra Bastille plans from September 7 to October 5, 2019. A major Bellini work, the last opera by the composer and based on historical drama by Jacques-François Ancelot and Joseph Xavier Boniface, said Saintine, Têtes rondes et cavaliers.

A work about “the love between a royalist and the daughter of a republican succumbing to madness”. A production by Laurent Pelly offering “a production à la Piranesi, as precise and incisive”. An opera in three acts performed here with its original text, far from the alternative Neapolitan version and leaving the duo Giorgio and Riccardo behind.

The occasion to discover or even rediscover one of the most striking operas of its time, but also one of the most played today, and most of all, four main roles among the most difficult ones to play in the bel canto repertoire. In other words, a great opera (despite some known inconsistencies of the libretto) for all music enthusiasts… Let’s go friends!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 7 September 2019 to 5 October 2019



    67 rue de Lyon
    75012 Paris 12

    Métro ligne 1 ou 5 station "Bastille"

    Catégorie 8: €35
    Catégorie 7: €40
    Catégorie 6: €50
    Catégorie 5: €65
    Catégorie 4: €80
    Catégorie 3: €90
    Catégorie 2: €105
    Catégorie 1: €120
    Catégorie Optima: €145

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    More informations
    Représentations les 10, 13, 17, 20, 25 septembre, 2 et 5 octobre 2019 à 19h30, le 29 septembre à 14h30. Première le 7 septembre à 19h30.

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