American humorist Chris Rock at Paris Apollo Théâtre - our review

Published by Laura B. · Published on 20 May 2022 at 09h58
Good news for all Chris Rock fans! The Americna humorist finally decided to perform in Paris. Chris Rock is to perform his one-man-show “Ego Death” until May 19, 2022, at the Apollo Théâtre. And we saw his show!

After Dave Chappelle in January, now Chris Rock in May! Paris Apollo Théâtre has specialized in booking in American humorists in the city. So, the next big U.S. star of humor to perform in the venue set in Paris 11th arrondissement is Chris Rock. He is to present his one-man-show Ego Death until Thursday May 19, 2022.

Chris Rock’s show in Paris is performed as part of his world tour, and is less polemical than Dave Chappelle’s. As a matter of fact, the America stand-upper has not been the talk of the town for more or less acceptable jokes. Only Will Smith was offended enough to slap him!

Remember, you met Chris Rock thanks to Eddie Murphy in 1987 in “Beverly Hills Cop II”. Then, he played in “Lethal Weapon 4”, “Bad Company”, “Two days in New-York”, “Dolemite is my name” and more recently, in a movie no one expected him to be in: “Spiral: From the book of Saw”.

In addition, he hosted the Oscars several time, and led a career on TV. He was also the showrunner of the “Everybody Hates Chris” TV series. But Chris Rock also performs live on stage. And the humorist decided to present his show in Paris.

With Chris Rock, style is very different from the show we attended this past January with Dave Chappelle. The only two common points of their shows? Cellphones are strictly banned (and locked in sealed bags), and they start right on time.

After a first 20-ish-minute part, the auditorium goes pitch black, music rises and a voice announces Chris Rock. And it is in all sobriety that the one slapped by Will Smith at the latest Oscars walks on the stage of the Apollo Théâtre of Paris.

Dressed in white, wired microphone in hand, Chris Rock embarks upon global fears. A frightened world. His elocution is very good, he perfectly articulates and speaks at the right pace: it is very understandable even if you are not a natural English-speaker. On stage, he moves a lot and his face is very expressive and therefore it elevates his diction.

Marketing and charities are part of Chris Rock's one-man-show jeering at Elon Musk and Meghan Markle - who will get a dressing-down all night. According to the humorist, the one trying to sound like a victim is not believable. "She isn't blakc. It's just, she isn't white", from his point of view, Chris Rock explains. Obama, Trump, as well as Joe Biden, the zombie who brushed off Trump, "dead for 60 years", are mocked by Rock as well. But Ego Death first and foremost is a personal show in which the humorist speaks about his divorce (that cost him his house), his children ("the genuine love from children"), and their expensive schooling, as well as his upcoming vasectomy. The humorist is 57 years old and does not hesitate to say it over and over again.

1.5 hours of show in front of a delighted audience, laughing a lot, Chris Rock makes a bow and leaves the stage. Always in all sobriety.

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From 17 May 2022 to 19 May 2022



    18 Rue du Faubourg du Temple
    75011 Paris 11

    Métro République

    €54.9 - €87.9

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