Louis C.K. in June 2022 at the Casino de Paris - Extra date

Published by Laura B. · Published on 23 May 2022 at 14h53
Calling all American stand-upper Louis C.K. fans! The artist is performing in Paris, France. Louis C.K. is to perform his new show on June 11 and 12, 2022, at the Casino de Paris.

Paris seems to have become a major stop for American humorists. After Dave Chappelle this past January and Chris Rock in May, now Louis C.K. has announced a show in Paris. Louis C.K. is to perform his new show on Saturday June 11 and Sunday 12, 2022, at the Casino de Paris.

Paris is not a first for Louis C.K. The American stand-up artist already performed in August 2016, at the Olympia with Gad Elmaleh, playing the first part in English. He also performed in November 2018 at theThéâtre de l’Oeuvre, a smaller venue set in the same street as the Casino de Paris. And for good reason, this performance came up barely one year after the indecent exposure accusations made about the humorist. Facts he acknowledged and for which he apologized. Therefore, after a period of disgrace, Louis C.K.’s career took a new turn. The humorist made his mea culpa and is now filling big venues in the U.S., such as the Hulu Theater of Madison Square Garden and its 5,600 seats, and is now nominated in award ceremonies again. The one who won 6 Emmy Awards was nominated again at the Grammys not long ago.

Recently, in France, Louis C.K. played himself in the Canal+ series “La Meilleure Version de moi-même”. And for good reason, the series is written, directed and performed by Blanche Gardin, his real-life partner.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 11 June 2022 to 12 June 2022



    16 Rue de Clichy
    75009 Paris 9


    €41 - €85

    Official website


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