The World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow in Paris, edition 2019

The Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain [World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow] is back from January 31 to February 3, 2019 for its 40th edition on the Reuilly Pitch at Cirque Phénix. For 4 days, the best of the Circus of Tomorrow gathers in Paris and faces each other with equally awe-inspiring acts. An exceptional show you shouldn’t miss!

Do you like great shows and breathtaking acts? If you do, head to Cirque Phénix for the 40th edition of the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain [World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow] running from January 31 to February 3, 2019.

A promising anniversary edition with young artist under 25 years old and coming from all over the globe gathering for this major event: France, Canada, China, Ethiopia, United-states, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mongolia, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, Turkey as well as Japan, Puerto Rico, Colombia or Venezuela make shine the colors of a young, inventive, pluridisciplinary and strong circus. Come along and discover circus acts among the best in the world.

Discover this anniversary edition's teaser:

The Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain was born in 1977 and since then, it never stopped revealing the best of circus arts across the world. It discovers and puts a light on artists from all horizons, whether they come from great circus families, higher school or they are simple self-taught artists.

These young people face off each other for 4 days under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators, hundreds of professionals and 9 inflexible jury members who will name the stars of tomorrow. Precision, virtuosity and grace will decide between these artists who will devote 100% of themselves to the festival. A festival that perhaps will change their lives.

Presided by Alain Pacherie, this festival is now recognized by its peers and circus lovers.

The opening act is performed by the collectif PdF (Portés de Femmes), a French company giving pride of place to acrobatic lifts.

This edition welcomes several renown guest stars who managed to set fire to the stage these past few years: Ekhtsetseg Iodoi, first Mongolian artist to win a gold medal. She comes to Paris to celebrate 50 years of career by performing her act presented at the 6th festival in 1983! She's accompanied by other gold-medal winners who rocked the festival these years such as ChilHan Chao at the diabolo, dima Shine at the high-wire walk and Aimé Morales at the Cyr wheel.


On the menu of discoveries for this 40th edition of the Circus of Tomorrow festival:

Troy James and Ess Hödlmoser

A few fairies and many peoples have looked at the creation process for this act with much interest and benevolence: Roberto Campanella and Debra Brown as well as Serchmaa Byamba and Sergey Volodin have accompanied Troy and Ess along their research to create magical moments where the body overcomes itself with a mix of strong features and elegance. Two dramatically different styles of contortion face one another before uniting, a light and spectacular allegory of a fusional meeting between two curious creatures captivated by their own qualities.

Arthur Morel Van Hyfte
Trained at the Châtellerault National Circus School and Montreal National Circus School, Arthur Morel Van Hyfte has chosen a discipline both peculiar and challenging discipline. The trapeze mixed with dance offering the possibility to mix such different skills that they become – thanks to the mis of strength and elegance he does second after second during his act – perfectly compatible. The force held in his trapeze work finds a wonderful echo in the Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp minor by Chopin and performed by Daniel Barenboim.

Milena and Christopher
Fixed trapeze
Trained at the Rotterdam Codars Circus School, Milena Beneke and Christopher Hartwig have created this act based on what they both love: musicality, technique, innovation, perspective changes… To build this air series, they put on a board everything that speaks to them symbolically and creatively: an undergrowth crossed by sunbeams, a robot, olive-green pants, or a strawberry in an eggshell… The squareness of the trapezes enables to solve the difficult question of the “meaning” in which you have to be to make everything beautiful: a simple question of… perspectives! Milena and Christopher work on Amon Tobin Bedtimes Sttories and M. de Dardust Sunset.

Ellie Rossi
Vertical rope
The creation of a selection gets to very little: Chloé Farah a long-time friend of the Festival suggested us a few months ago several artists with whom she works and helps artistically and technically. In the heart of this short selection, there was Ellie… The quality of the video is not very high, there are no really elaborated scenes but the mix of strength and fluidity that characterizes her movements, the purity of her lines and her energy were clearly exceptional! Six months later, it’s now done: This extraordinary acrobat – barely 17 years old – is included in the selection of the 40th edition of the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. Ellie Rossie performs on Torn by Nathan Lanier.

Johan Santiago-Aponte
Aerial hoop
Porto Rico – USA

Trained at the Brussels Circus Art School, Johan Santiago Aponte takes over the aerial hoop to take on an intuitive support to Perdido’s creation, an art project that sums up and takes on three years of work, as well as of researches and questioning. Perdido is a first review inspired by the life and the meaning we wish to give to the word “artist”. It’s a quest for identity but most of all, it’s an exploration of possibilities given by an apparatus used as a Cyr wheel and of course as an aerial hoop. Waltz, rodeo or surfing, terms don’t lack to suggest before all an exceptional quality of movement. Johan Santiago Aponte works on a musical mix he specially created for this project.

Yohannes Areaya
At the beginning, there were long plants fragments, a shapeless hodgepodge put on the ground, barely lit. And then… In the course of minutes, a strange and fragile architecture emerges, an assembly of a disconcerting simplicity that takes the shape of a huge leaf with symbolic veins which shadow extends on the stage. Time goes by and the work slowly sways on a pedestal as unsteady as itself… The artist goes around it, comes closer to the narrowest extremity and mischievous, takes the smallest fragment, the one at the origin of the construction… that collapses and returns to its state of original hodgepodge. Magical.

Julian Saether – Voice
Trained at the Fratellini Academy, Julian Saether has created this seven-minute juggling act like a transposition of the existence of a schizophrenic person. A research initiated by audio hallucinations, interpreted as a source of inspiration and a fascinating pretext to the development of a juggling session. translated into movements and juggled figures, these “hallucinations” are embodied by twenty balls that seem to fight against a juggler looking for some peace… Julian Saether works on a Nick Cave and Warren Ellis sample with the voices of Nele Marie Meissner, Tobias Malmberg Torstenrud and… his own voice!

Laurence Tremblay-Vu
Hightrope walker
Canada / Vietnam
Trained at the Montreal National Circus School, Laurence Tremblay-Vu is a high-rope walker and just as at ease on a tight-wire, an apparatus allowing him to use his flexibility and his extraordinary movement quality in an other way. By mixing in a same act two disciplines that are different yet compatible, he shows a unique virtuosity and plays with the constraints related to such an exploit. Used to uncommon crossing, Laurence has crossed the Rhine in Basle this last spring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Young Stage festival.

Mikail Karahan – Lide Socks
Cyr wheel
Graduated from the Brussels Circus Art School, Mikail Karahan has chosen to symbolically associate a circus apparatus, a Cry wheel, to a humble and daily clothing item: A pair of socks, to create an act where the feeling of being late controls everything… A dash of humor to question a very contemporary fear and plays with the feeling of being unbalanced and the possible drop and to give the possibility of pushing back the physical limits. Artistically accompanied by Gaëlle Bisellach and technically by Sven Demey, Mikail wears a costume created by Camille Judic and performs on Oh Yeah by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier and Elastic Tango by David Jaggard, respectively performed by Yello and Ursula Oppens.

France / Italy / Brazil
Graduated from the Fratellini, Caio Sorana and Clément Malin have created the Cie Soralino with which they tour the world. Their act is largely inspired by their show INBOX, performed over 130 times in 11 countries where their mastering of the cardboard creates an incredible performance! They try everything to always adapt their game to the space and one of their goals is to graze the Phenix cupola… Based on a real complicity with the audience, the act embodies the way they define themselves: Movers of the absurd…. Soralino artists perform on Schubert Trout Quintet.

Kostiantyn Korostylenko
Trained at the Kiev Circus Art Academy, Kostiantyn Korostylenko has created this act with Yuri Pozniakov. His lightness, his body ease and the smoothness of his movements are exceptional. Starting with “simple” balls, he develops a juggling session of a pure virtuosity where the elegance of his gesture gets mixed with the precision of his manipulations. A juggling act can rarely boast about being such a moment of grace… Kostiantyn Korostylenko juggles on Nikolay Cherepnin Narcissus and wears a costume created by Yuliya Roznatovskaya.

Alexey Ishmaev and Pavel Mayer – The Same
Alexey Ishmaev and Pavel Mayer have created this singular act by playing on the looks that can be misleading… What’s new is the use of the straps to suggest both a space and a pretext to a narration. Bu mixing the strength and the flexibility, they came up with this true air duo whose protagonists end up by becoming one to create a mix of fascination and admiration of an implacable series of exploits that give up nothing to emotion. They perform on Paolo Nutini Iron Sky.

Scandinavian Boards
Sweden / Finland / Netherlands
Lukas Ivanow, Philomène Perrenoud, Jarno Polhuijs, Felix Greif, Nilas Kronlid, Elias Larsson, Anton Graaf and Aaron Hakala, especially trained in Stockholm within DOCH, are the eight artists of this exceptional act created by Janne Rosen with three teeterboards and lots of energy. The result of their research led as part of their studies at the Stockholm Arts College is a spectacular and hypnotical sequence where the virtuosity works with the power of the evocation of these handing bodies, crossing – almost effortless – the spaces between the apparatuses, flinging acrobats looking for height, a true roller coaster of emotions and surprises. Jumps and figures are performed on R-TrX My Souls in Pain.

La Testa Maestra
Spain / Colombia
Trained at the Madrid Carampa school and the Lisbon Chapito, Noemi Burgos Ruiz and Miguel Angel have created this act which technic is based on a system described by French juggler and mathematician Christophe Préchar. It’s technically based on a pattern of symmetrical passings and artistically inspired by the divine Hindu figure of Ganesh. Noemi and Miguel use daily items to create this new juggled language. Their costumes have been created by Vera Bettencourt and they perform on Camomille (Duduk) by Arto Tunçboyaciyan.

Mizuki Shinagawa
Trained at the Montreal National Circus Show, Mizuki Shinagawa has created this unique act where the presence of a human counterweight is vital. Movements “come to life” and involve a different energy impossible to get with a purely mechanical system. This form of autonomous apparatus also brings a light and random dimension into the writing of the figures or the series. Mizuki is “carried” and caught by Véronique Thibeault. She performs on Mugenkyou VII by Drum Tao.

Germany / Turkey
Based on the sound universe of Billie Ellish, Lovely, this act aims at evoking the notion of brotherhood. Embodied by three acrobats using… umbrellas! The impressive quality of their movements takes the audience towards a spectacular confrontation where the choreography is always put at the service of a series of acrobatics of a fantastic precision. Hyperhook is both a simple story and a beautiful pretext for a pure moment of virtuosity. Magical.

Troupe Efimov
Fast track
Presented by the Moscow Nikulin Circus, the Troupe Efimov uses the pretext of a Russian wedding to develop with humor a series of jumps of a growing complexity all along the performance. The company includes several gym champions, but stager Alexandre Grimailo managed to make good use of all the qualities of the movement of an acrobatic company that mixed speediness, precision and virtuosity.

Troupe Acrobatique de Dalian
The technic of these “shooting stars” or “meteors” is often considered as a female specialty, but several Chinese companies have chosen to create male companies to create these acts combining strength and precision. These five acrobats mix columns and manipulation to set a performance that is dynamic and of a surprising technical nature.

Guillaume Paquin and Nicole Faubert
Canada / USA
Graduated from the Montreal National Circus School, Guillaume Paquin and Nicole Faubert have created this number based on quicksilver, a shiny silver metal, the only one to be liquid under normal conditions of temperature and pressure. This straps duet is led by the idea of embodying a material by going away from the classic technical codes: Nicole is a high-wire walker and an acrobat, as for Guillaume he is a tightrope walker and an acro-dancer. Their costumes have been created by Sandra Chirico and they work on Remembrance, Balmorhea, Remix by Machinefabriek, Mix by Kyle Cragle.

Diego Salles
Graduated from the Brussels Circus Art School, Diego Salles has created Genese to question the notion of the genre and sketch a research for identity, obviously incomplete but always in construction. This act is a pretext to provide the audience with funny, provoking and sometimes tragic situations too. But it’s also a thought about the biologic identity and the freedom of speech. Diego has created his costume himself and performs on Love Song by Chary Czernowin, Raw by Nicola Sani and Min Midra created by Jonathan Nilsson and Ludwig Stolterman.

Cigaro tells the dilemma of Siete, a character locked in a room, on his own, where he fights against his addiction to cigarette… Hallucinations follow one another and illusions keep on happening, lighter, cigarettes, playing cards seem to come out of the magician’s body or out of nowhere… After training at the Venezuelan Circus School, Winston Maldonado has multiplied the collaborations and alternatively performs, with the same ease, on stage or in the street. He especially works on the soundtrack of the movie Azul y no tan Rosa by Sergio de la Puente.

Let’s discover tomorrow’s talents, shall we?

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From 31 January 2019 to 3 February 2019



    Pelouse de Reuilly
    75012 Paris 12

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    pass intégral: 54-170 €

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    For all

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    Le spectacle A : jeudi 31 janvier à 20h30 et samedi 2 février à 20h30
    Le spectacle B : vendredi 1 février à 20h30 et samedi 2 février à 14h30
    Le spectacle des lauréats avec remise des prix : dimanche 3 février à 15h00

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