Saint-Cloud Great Firework 2017

As each year, the Domaine de Saint-Cloud welcomes Europe greatest firework show. For this 9th and new edition, the city of Saint-Cloud expects you on Saturday September 9, 2017 at night fall for a magic and spectacular show that will take you to the Sun King’s court.

The Great Fireworks (Grand Feu d’Artifice) of Saint-Cloud is back on Saturday September 9, 2017. Considered as an institution, this extraordinary fireworks show mixes the most innovating technics in the majestic setting of the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud.

In the garden created by Le Nôtre, modern fireworks will make you live out – in the 21st century – the “superb springing crystal theater” that was displayed to the Orléans Duke. On this occasion, the park lawn will be full of chairs and bleachers that can accommodate up to 23,000 enthusiasts for who the fireworks show is not limited to Bastille Day. In front of the great and beautiful waterfall, come and attend a unique experience: Europe greatest fireworks show!

Le Grand Feu d'artifice de Saint-Cloud 2015

For almost two hours, the sky is lighted up with thousands of lights that reveal many scenes. Along with music thoroughly selected mixing classical music and famous soundtracks, about thirty scenes follow one another. This year, you’ll be taken to the Sun King’s Court and live the various steps of a royal day: from the King’s first getting-up ceremony to the going-to-bed ceremony, all the daily steps will be experienced as a true show.

Le Grand Feu d'artifice de Saint-Cloud 2015

The second part of the show will be more modern. It will present about 30 unique scenes as magic as enchanting. Imagine your eyes sparkling while listening to music including Carmen, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple or Titanic.

For the record, the Great Fireworks of Saint-Cloud are:

  • 4,5000 orders to fire and 60,000 projectiles
  • 30 unique scenes mainly accompanied by music
  • 115 minutes of show
  • 93 decibels (think about bringing hearing protections for children)
  • 120 technicians including 65 pyrotechnists working for 10 days

Le Grand Feu d'artifice de Saint-Cloud 2015 

Whether you are seated on a chair or laying on the lawn, the Great Fireworks of Saint-Cloud is an incredible show that will delight both children and adults and make your hearts miss a beat.

Practical information:
The Great Fireworks of Saint-Cloud 
Saturday September 9, 2017
From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Venue: Domaine de Saint-Cloud
Rates: from €32 to €89

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Practical information

Opening Time
On 9 September 2017
Starts at 9 p.m.



    Domaine national de Saint-Cloud
    92210 Saint Cloud

    Pelouse: 32 €
    Chaise: 59 €
    Tribune B: 76 €
    Tribune A: 89 €

    More information
    Accès par l'Entrée St Cloud et l'Entrée Sèvres

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